Detailed understanding of contact lenses and their benefits

by Rhonda R. Eckert Halloween and Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices that are made from a plastic like material that are placed over the cornea. They can correct problems like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Using contact lenses is very convenient option as you don’t have to carry the burden of wearing heavy eye glasses. Some wear them for their vision problems while others may wear just for making a style statement. Your outer appearance seems natural and also you get a feeling that you are seeing the surroundings with your naked eyes. Whether it is power lenses or an attractive pair of colored contact lenses, using them is blissful. They are the safest form of eye vision correction if you follow the proper cleaning, storing and wearing procedure. Contact lenses are medical devices and if you don’t follow the proper using instructions, you can potentially put your eyes at risk.

Reasons to consider for wearing contact lenses:

·         Contact lenses have no frames to restrict your vision.

·         They allow a natural field of view as they move with your eyes.

·         They don’t fog up or drenched with mud or rain like glasses.

·         They are excellent for sports and other physical activities.

·         They offer better and more natural sight in comparison with glasses.

Benefits of using contact lenses are as follows:

·         Viewing ease

Contact lenses are designed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They can be customized also for curing specific needs. For example, scleral lenses are customized and fitted for those who have any corneal irregularities.

·         High comfort

Contact lenses are made of breathable material which allows oxygen to pass easily through the eyes. They are designed to be comfortable and if worn correctly, they can feel comfortable during the entire wearing period. On the other hand, eye glasses can be very irritating as their prolonged wear can cause pain on the bridge of your nose and the tops of your ears.    

·         Full field of vision

Eye glasses restrict your peripheral vision and you have to cope up with the frames coming in your line of sight. Contact lenses don’t obstruct your vision as there will be no need to turn your head to see something beside you. You just have to move your eyes in order to see.

·         Make you feel better

People feel more confident about their physical appearance while wearing contact lenses. Also, many people choose to wear contacts during sports and other physical activities, as they prove to be more efficient than eye glasses.

·         Work more efficiently

Contact lenses don’t fog up in rain, dust or sweat which makes them efficient than eye glasses. Some of them also provide UV protection but it is still advisable to wear UV protection sunglasses while going outdoors.

·         Don’t break easily

The frames of your eye glasses can easily break in many circumstances. For example: if they are slippery due to sweat, they can fall off easily and break. However this is not the case with contact lenses and with proper care and maintenance, they won’t experience much damage.   

Above mentioned benefits make it clear that contact lenses can be more comfortable than eye glasses.

What makes it important to get a prescription from an optometrist?

An optometrist can help you in various ways. The eye specialist will measure the eyes to fit the contacts properly in your eyes. The contact lenses that are not fitted properly can cause irritation or the damage to the eyes. While taking the fitting, the eye specialist will measure the curvature of the cornea and pupil or the iris size. Every lens may not be suitable for all and especially for the people having astigmatism. The eye specialist will assess whether your eyes are in good condition or not to wear the contact lenses. The optometrist will perform a tear film test to find out if your eyes produce enough hydration to keep them moist. There are many special effect contacts that are thicker due to the paints and designs made on them which make them less breathable. If your eyes don’t produce sufficient hydration, these lenses may cause irritation or any other eye problem. An experienced eye specialist can also instruct you on the appropriate contact lens wear and care instructions. He will guide you on how to handle and care for them to avoid any complications. You must wear them only for the prescribed time duration and not more than that. You must never sleep in them unless they can be used for overnight wear.

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