Designing Your T-Shirts: Some Suggestions

by Reshma N. Marketing Consultant
If you are an artistic person who enjoys creating unique designs, we recommend designing your T-shirts. It would be a blissful time for you when somebody compliments your imaginative creations. It is a lot simpler to create your T-shirt patterns nowadays. Numerous apps allow you to select from a variety of items of clothing, font styles, stock patterns, logos, images, and apparel colours, among other things. All you need to do now is think out of the box and create great designs for your T-shirt. Continue reading to learn about six custom T-shirts or mens polo shirts designing suggestions.

1.    Pictures and writing
First and foremost, pictures and writing with clear contrasting and sharp lines must be used. To put it another way, individuals should be capable to read what is printed on their clothing from a long distance. From a range of 20 feet, good designs are easily visible. They will be worthless if they can not be noticed from a range.

2.    Colours
Ensure you choose the proper colours for the lettering and the T-shirt while making a pattern. The beauty of applications is that they allow you to mix and match colours so that you can make the best decision.

Setting the appropriate image contrast is important, or you might not even be capable of creating a fantastic shirt. It is vital to remember that printing black letters on a white shirt are less expensive, but writing white letters on a black shirt is more expensive. As a result, from a cost standpoint, this issue is critical.

3.    Dimensions
Ensure you have the exact dimensions of the graphics before moving on to the printing phase. All you have to do is put the text on the page to accomplish it right. All you must do is place the wording on the shirt on the application to do it properly. This will assist you in deducing the appropriate size without any problem.

4.    Location
It is also a smart option to select the best printing area for the picture. Where would you like the photo to be printed? Is it better to put it on the rear or the front? What would you like to see on the sleeves? Consider that if you want numerous images, the price will be greater. As a result, you should think about your budget before making this decision.

5.    Background
Would you like the picture to have a backdrop or would you like the remainder of the space to be clear? You can use the software to remove the backdrop colour so that the words and pictures stand out and appear natural.

6.    Expectations
Expectations should be reasonable. Colour picture printers produce excellent results, but a clothing printer cannot match them. The clarity of the image quality and colours will be poor. Colour saturation and precision will fluctuate depending on which printer you use. As a result, choosing brighter colours for the patterns is a fantastic choice.

So, if you would like to make your T-shirts, we recommend that you use the advice provided in this article. These pointers will make having great-looking shirts a lot simpler.

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