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Hidden Doors or secret passageways are always a cool facility that can provide a mystery to one's house. Not only that, but it also ensures the security of your private belongings. Hidden door store and hidden door bookcase are both functional and beautiful artistically. Anything secret and hidden from the plain sight adds an extra enigma with it as well as it can add to the decoration of your room.

So, are you looking for designing a hidden room in your building? Then, get in touch with Hidden Doors by Design team and get yourself your own hidden doors in walls. Our experts are capable of providing you the proper services in designing a beautiful hidden door that you desire. We have some of the world’s best designers whom you can turn to when it comes to designing hidden doors.

Different Types of Hidden Doors

If you're willing to install a unique hidden door in your room, then you can choose from a lot of options. Hidden Doors by Design offers you a complete collection of hidden door bookcase, hidden doors in walls and other secret passageways that are crafted and designed cleverly.

Here are some of the best options from our hidden door store that we can design for you according to your requirement:

Hidden Door Bookcase

This section has a variety of hidden doors that can be quite useful to keep your private and important stuff safe. If it's a sliding bookcase door, then the entire bookcase slides and opens up to a hidden vault. Normally, it looks like a real bookcase having real books on it, but one who knows can slide it to open the secret chamber.

Another thing that you've mostly seen in the movies is the hidden bookcase with book latch. Usually, this type of hidden door opens by pushing or pulling a particular book from the bookcase. A lever is connected to that particular book that allows the hidden door to open. Contact our experts, and they will create such type of hidden doors for you in an affordable budget.

Staircase Hidden Door

It might be difficult sometimes to understand this kind of hidden door feature. Basically, you can think it as a stairway to all the hidden secrets. There will be a secret chamber placed under the staircase that will store all your priceless belongings from unauthorized intruders. You really can have that lifting staircase in your own home just by giving us a call.

Hidden Vault Behind Drawer

When it comes to keeping things safe from intrusion, Hidden Doors by Design offers a number of non-traditional hiding furnitures. Starting from the standard revolving bookcase or sliding wall panels, we also design hidden drawer vaults. This allows you to hide your private articles in a secret vault that is placed behind a normal drawer.

Fire Place Hidden Door

This is another special kind of hidden door feature that comes with an awesome design. Basically, what happens is that when you press the switch, the fireplace hidden door opens. Then, you can go downstairs into a secret chamber where you're belongings are kept. Then, you can push the button on the inside to close the door, and the fire comes on again.

Mat Hidden Wine Cellar

This thing includes a spiral cellar designed by digging a hole in the particular room you want to place it in. In the existing void, a highly functional and visually gleaming spiral-staircase wine cellar is installed to store all your personal vintages. Just contact our designers at Hidden Doors by Design, and they will create such a hidden vault in your house in no time.

Hence, if you are looking for services to design a hidden door bookcase or hidden doors in walls, you can seek help from our hard-working experts at Hidden Doors by Design. Our experienced designers are capable of proving you an elegant piece of furniture that can also serve the security purposes as per your need.


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