Depression in Women: Symptoms and treatment

by Dorano V. Professional PR since 2010

Depression is an extremely misunderstood mental disease. Most people often perceive it to be a feeling of sadness that can be chased away with positivity. However, what they fail to realize is depression is a mental disorder that cannot be regulated by a person. Caused by various factors like environment, genetics, psychology and biology depression is a disease. It’s not something that a person can check or force away. A depressed person is no way responsible for their condition. 

Moreover, depression and gender are correlated as well; twice as many women as men are diagnosed with depression. Women are at risk due to various factors. Their biology entails greater fluctuations in hormones that makes them more prone to depression. Moreover, they experience more pressure from society, have tougher jobs and suffer from greater mental and physical abuse that makes them more prone to depression. 

Causes of Depression: 

Certain causes of depression are exclusive to women. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a severe form of PMS-premenstrual syndrome. Another type of depression is perimenopausal depression, which occurs near the onset of menopause. Whilst hot flashes and mood swings are part of the process, depression is not. Therefore, episodes of sadness and blue should not be shrugged off in it. 

Postpartum Depression is also a common form of depression. It has a severe impact on women, who find it very difficult to cope with the baby. It also causes the mother to have panic attacks and increased thoughts about suicide, among other symptoms. It is very important to contact a doctor if you think you or someone around you is having postpartum depression. Get help from competent doctors only, like those at Surgimed Hospital, as depression is tricky to handle, especially since new mothers are physically and mentally vulnerable already.

Symptoms of depression: 

A female experience of depression is different from their male counterparts, and so they experience different physical and mental symptoms of depression. If the following symptoms persist for over 2 weeks, it is very likely that you have depression. 

Mental Symptoms of Depression

Feeling sad: 

Feeling down all the time, surrounded by blues is characteristic of depression. Women suffering from depression are in a perpetual state of emptiness. They also lose interest in all the activities that they once found pleasurable, such intense is their sadness. 

Feeling hopeless: 

Depressed women have an increased inclination towards pessimism. They become hopeless and feel like nothing can get them out of the dark hole they find themselves in. 

Feeling worthless: 

Women suffering from depression stop having faith in themselves and start feeling worthless, as if they amount to nothing. They are overtaken by feelings of guilt, as they don’t consider themselves worthy of anything. Such women also become extra harsh with themselves owing to the overwhelming feeling of insignificance they feel towards their beings. 

Feeling anxious: 

Another symptom of depression is being tense all the time. Women with depression suffer from anxiety that affects their mood as well, making them more irritable

Feeling suicidal:

It is very common for depressed women to have suicidal thoughts. Since they already feel worthless, they do not regard their life as precious. At times, these thoughts become so powerful that they enact on these thoughts and attempt suicide. 

Feeling restless: 

Depressed women are often unable to sit still. They have restless energy around them. They find it very difficult to concentrate on things as a result as well. 

Physical Signs of Depression

Disturbed sleep: 

Women who are depressed have issues with their sleep cycle. They either sleep too much or too little. Moreover, they also experience difficulties falling asleep. The quality of sleep is also compromised. 


Female patients suffering from depression feel extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason. They feel drained all the time and can’t muster enough energy to carry on with their daily activities. Their body movements get slowed down as well. 

Appetite Issues: 

Depression alters the eating habits as well. Either depressed women eat a lot and gain weight as a result, or they have suppressed appetite and reduced weight. 

Physical aches and pains: 

Depressed women experience different aches and cramps without any clear cause. These ailments do not go away with treatment. They also experience issues with the digestive system. Moreover, many get tenderness in their breasts and feel bloated.  

Treatment of Depression: Medical Help

Depression points out to chemical imbalance in the brain therefore needs proper medical treatment. Therefore, the first step in treatment is consulting a doctor. Generally, a combination of drugs like antidepressant and therapy produced positive results. However, each patient is different, and your doctor can best guide you regarding the treatment. 

Treatment of Depression: Things you can do

There are few steps that you can take to help yourself and recover quickly. 

Social Support: 

Having the support of your loved ones can make a profound difference. Their positive reinforcement can help reduce the negativity induced by depression. Therefore, talk to your friends and family about how you are feeling and let them help you. 


Exercise helps lower the stress levels, one of the symptoms of depression. Furthermore, it is especially useful for people who gain weight due to depression. Obesity can lead to a lot of complications, thereby adding onto the importance of exercise. 


To counter the appetite issues caused by depression, it is very important to consume a balanced diet. Moreover, some foods have a negative impact on the mood as well, like caffeine, sugar etc. These therefore should be eliminated from the diet. 

Fortify yourself: 

Depression has an adverse impact on the self-esteem of the person. Hence, depressed women should consciously channel positivity in their thoughts. One way to do this is by reading books on self-help. Moreover, to overcome panic and anxiety, adopt relaxation techniques and exercises like yoga. Likewise, get sufficient sunlight as it helps increase serotonin levels which enhance mood. Therefore, taking similar steps to fortify yourself equips you to better deal with depressions and its symptoms. 

Depression is neither a myth nor some fictional condition. It is a disease that strikes women disproportionately and thus is a cause for serious concern. Left undiagnosed, depression could jeopardize their life and in extreme cases, lead to them committing suicide as well. Therefore, it is imperative that depressed women get good medical care, like that at Hill Park General Hospital. With good treatment with social support, they will recover in no time!

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