Dentists Snellville GA Offers Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

by Allen Rose Doctor
As all of us are aware of the facts that teeth impacts overall health of our body and play an important role not only in speech but also help us to chew and digest food. In order to avoid tooth pain and any developing problem, we should not take them for granted. Dentists Snellville GA uses the advanced and cutting-edge dental technology including laser detection for cavities, 3D mouth imaging, ultrasonic cleaning, and instant visuals using photography as well as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), and much more.

They also provide accurate treatment to patients using best tools like digital x-rays, As we want our teeth for a lifetime in an optimal state of comfort, functions and looks good and by brushing them regularly twice daily, we are taking the first step by paying our attention towards our teeth the way they deserve it.

Crown and Root are the two basic parts of any tooth. Crown is visible, white part and the root is an invisible part of the tooth. The root extends below the gum line and supports the tooth into the bone. Our teeth contain four kinds of tissues. These are

  1. Enamel: This is the hardest part of our teeth and covers the tooth crown. It is made up of the highest percentage of minerals such as hydroxyapatite, which is a crystalline calcium phosphate, 96%, with water and organic material.
  2.  Dentin is one of the major components of teeth. It is a calcified tissue of the body, looks similar to bone and found underneath the enamel.
  3. Cementum, depending upon the location if it is found on the root surface called Radicular cementum and the Coronal cementum forms on the enamel covering the crown. It is softer than enamel and dentin. By taking good care gums, we can protect this soft tissue.
  4.  The pulp is soft and consists of living blood vessels, connective tissue, and large nerves. It is the most vital part of the tooth, underneath the enamel layer and the dentin layer. There are 32 of the pulp organs can be found in permanent teeth and 20 can be found in primary teeth. When the primary teeth fall out or removed from the mouth, pulp found in the primary teeth also gets lost. The pulp is responsible for the formation of dentin, pains from trauma to the dentin, nourishment to teeth, and much more.

Dentists Snellville GA uses the latest and up-to-date techniques, in order to give the best care possible to the patients. They are committed to offering highest quality as well as comprehensive dental care to the patients and focused on improving function as well as the beauty of your smile using the full range of latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. They provide accurate and satisfactory treatment to their patients in the friendly and comfortable environment.

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