Dental Crowns: Introduction, Procedure and Risk involved

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Dental crowns are simply tooth caps. It helps the patients to get the shape of teeth into a normal form. Beyond the attractive teeth shape with Dental crowns, this dental supply makes the smile strengthened. Among the non-users of dental equipment, the question “Is dental crowns placed or cemented?” arises most commonly. To resolve this question, we bring the procedure of Dental crowns to the reader’s knowledge. Take a glimpse:

What is the procedure for dental crowns installation?

Tooth inspection or dental examination

When you go for dental crowns medical installation, your dental crowns expert will examine the current condition of teeth roots. In the case of tooth decay or unhealthy tooth pulp, your dental crowns will recommend taking root canal treatment before applying for dental crowns. Here is a step-by-step procedure for Dental crowns—

Inject Anaesthesia

For painless dental crowns experience, anesthesia is injected to numb the gums and tooth. Indeed, anesthetized gums allow the procedure to go quick and comfortable.

Crown Filing

Once the tooth and gums are numb, the dentist files the tooth and makes space for the crown. Size of filing entirely depends on the size of the dental crown and the shape of the crown that the mouth feels comfortable with.

Crown sample development

Once the tooth is filed and reshaped enough to handle the crown, the dentist uses a digital scanner to attach the crown. The digital scanner technically builds a putty of dental cement. Afterward, the scans are taken for crown sample consideration.

Final crown placement

Once the dental crowns are manufactured according to your needs, it is ready to be placed. The dentist places the crown along with a crown cover to safe mouth from any physical damage.

Note: temporary dental crowns are replaced every two to three weeks. Hence, it is recommendable to pay a visit to your dentist after the given period. Permanent dental crowns are placed once after the temporary crown is considered perfectly comfortable, healthy and satisfied.

What are the risks involved in a dental crown?

Chip development

Dental crowns are cemented and thus, sometimes small chip or chips can develop. Dental equipment experts mention that small chips are easily fixable and are not very expensive. However, many chips can cause one to get complete new dental crowns replacement.

Fall of Crowns

It is as similar to fall of original teeth, however, scarier as dental crowns do not grow on their own. Dental cement crowns in the long-run suffer from a sprinkle of cement out of the mouth. This causes the loosening of the crowns. However, if loosing is not fixed, the dental crowns may fall off.

These two were the major and expensive risk involved concerning dental crowns. For purchasing right dental equipments, dental crowns and more, visit  

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