Deep Tissue vs Swedish: Which Should You Choose?

by Kristen White Blogger
By far, the Swedish massage is the one that most customers opt to have performed because it provides stress relief, relaxation of tense muscles and it stimulates nerves and increases blood flow. The technique used is designed to soothe and relax the individual while they are on the table using specific movements and a mild level of pressure to the skin and muscles. It can be applied to the entire body or specific areas depending on the individual’s request but it is important that all injuries, health conditions and areas of concern are discussed with the therapist at the beginning of the appointment. This ensures the technician has all the information to recommend and perform a quality backed massage for a positive experience.

In some ways, the deep tissue massage therapy is similar to the Swedish as they use many of the same movement techniques over the body.  Customers also experience tensions and stress relief although the more intense application can leave the individual sore for a few days after the session. Ice, heat and stretching can help with these effects but the long-term result is easier movement with less pain and restriction because of the unique purpose of the deep tissue massage.

The main differences between the two types are purpose and intensity level. While the Swedish is intentionally designed to be light and soothing, the deep tissue is, by its name, applied to the muscles that are deep under the skin but will generally start out as a Swedish to warm up the muscles and get them ready. This means the technician must apply more pressure to affect these muscle groups which can be uncomfortable for the individual during the session. The purpose of the deep tissue massage is to break up scar tissue from prior accidents or injuries and undo knots that affect circulation, inflammation, blood flow and range of motion. Athletes and patients with fibromyalgia and lower back pain and those who have suffered injuries are primary candidates for this type of massage and work closely with their therapist on the level of pain they are comfortable with and which areas need to be treated. The body and muscles will be sore directly after the session, but the overall result is relief that lasts for a period of time, making it worth the effort to have it done. 

It is important when choosing a massage in Reynoldsburg that customers look for trained and certified therapists as well as high customer satisfaction ratings. A deep tissue massage that is given incorrectly can cause damage and unnecessary pain, leaving the individual feeling worse than they did originally and negative feelings due to the bad experience. Take time to talk with the technician before the appointment so you can both decide on which approach is best suited for the issue and overall comfort. Customers can also choose to alternate back and forth with each session so they get the best of both and leave refreshed and relaxed until the next time.

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