Declutter Your Union City, NJ Apartment Before Packing For A Long Distance Move

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The average US household has 300,000 things.

The average person spends one year of their life looking for lost items at home.

80% of items people keep are never, ever used.

If we got rid of clutter, we would eliminate 40% of housework.

Yet, 1 in 4 Americans have a "clutter problem" and pretty much every single household has some clutter.

But what happens when you have to move? Say you're moving all the way to the UK or Japan; do you bring that pile of clutter with you?

Surely that hydrating mask you bought in 2018, which has since expired, doesn't need to travel across the pond.

And how about that kitchen appliance you bought in 2020 when we all had way too much time on our hands and our first thought was to buy shit? Surely you can survive without it, given that you haven't used it since that one time you made that one thing which didn't quite look or taste right.

The short answer is: No, the hydrating mask doesn't need to travel halfway around the world; it needs to travel to the nearest trashcan. The kitchen appliance you can definitely live without, but someone else may enjoy it - so why not sell it?

All that and many more decluttering tips can be found in a guide by - one of the largest networks of licensed and insured moving companies. If you'd like to jump right in, go to - alternatively, stick around to see if I can make it through this blog without mentioning you-know-who.

Speaking of, since decluttering would eliminate 40% of housework, it stands to reason that it would similarly eliminate a lot of work associated with packing and moving while also reducing expenses.

It's simple, really. It costs less to move fewer items, as moving companies charge based on load weight. Now buckle up and get ready to lower your weight. No, not YOUR weight - this isn't that kind of a guide. But I hear moving may actually help you reduce that weight too - depends on how you respond to stress. But I digress.

✔️ Can I Ask You a Question?

How big is your new house? Can it accommodate all the stuff you have accumulated over the years?

When was the last time you used that slow cooker? If you can't remember, that should clue you in.

Does that waffle maker need repairs? Are you going to repair it, or is it simpler to just get a new one once you need it?

All these are questions you should ask yourself BEFORE you start stuffing things in boxes. If you haven't used something in five years, what are the odds you'll ever use it? ... Probably slim to none.

The best approach is to take your time decluttering. Create a checklist of the items you need and bring only those; the rest you can sell, donate, or just throw away.

✔️ You Don't Need It

Broken mugs? Mismatched glassware? Two pizza cutters? Do you really need these? No, the answer is no. Plenty of places to buy mugs and glassware no matter where you go - and they won't be chipped or mismatched unless that's what you like. In which case, go nuts!

Moving on! Have some hand cream that's been half-used for the better part of the decade? How about that perfume you were gifted but never used because the smell is strong enough to make a smaller person pass out and you're pretty sure it could kill anything under the age of 10?

Throw it out!

✔️ One Man's Trash...

Okay, now let's talk big-ticket items - that's your furniture, your electronic devices, nice clothing, etc. All these things can be sold through a garage sale, or if you're from this millennium online.

You can also donate your stuff. Someone else may be in need of a working phone you ditched simply because Apple released a new one with a better camera. No judgment, we've all pretty much been there.

✔️ Get Packing, Get Moving

Once all clutter has been removed, it will be so much easier to pack - faster, more affordable, and better for the environment. What's not to love?

And if you're ready to look for movers, don't forget to check out They have over 700 licensed and insured companies listed on the platform, so you can find the right guys for all types of relocations. For example, you can find the best Union City long-distance movers for high-rise apartments and get a quote directly through the website, for free.

And for more decluttering tips, check out

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