Deal With Depression(Psychological disorder) Diligently

by Dr.Vipul Tyagi Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Shree Narayan Ho

Depression is a psychological disorder and you need to deal with it with care and meticulously. How can one know if he or she is suffering from depression?Generally, most of the people feel depressed to a little extent. But only when it is persistent and severe then you must take it seriously and look for the symptoms. Usually, you can testify it to be depressed if you feel sad and are not able to snap out of it.What are the symptoms of depression then? According to a specialist Dr. Vipul Tyagi you can consider a person to be affected by depression if he or she has certain kinds of symptoms.

The signs of depression will manifest in different people differently. Depression affects the thoughts, feelings, behavior and also physical health. The reasons for depression also vary from person to person.

Biological factors – Inherited traits, hormonal changes, gender, brain chemicals are the biological factors that can cause depression.

Emotional factors – Feeling out of control of life, guilt, negative thoughts, low self-esteem are the main causes of the emotional factors.

Major life events – losing a loved one to death, illness, break up with a partner, moving to a new location and so on can be some of the life events that can cause depression.

Substance abuse  Is also a cause for depression.

A person may be having one or more reasons stated above for depression.

When you are in depression you start to feel guilty for small matters, you lose interest in the things that were really enjoyable, a feeling of tiredness all the while, oversleeping or insomnia or finding it difficult to go to sleep and so on can be the symptoms.

Some of the other symptoms are a sudden extreme change in appetite, loss or gain of weight, not being able to concentrate, remember or make decisions, always being restless or anxious, being suicidal and talking of death and so on.

Whatever causes you to feel depressed; you need to talk openly with your physician or psychologist.

This is the first step to start the therapy. Then when the doctor gives certain suggestions you need to pay attention to them and then follow them diligently. You may feel that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness. No, you cannot be more wrong. It is a good step that you have recognized it.

An early intervention by a specialist like Dr. Vipul Tyagi one of the top 10 best psychiatrists in Ghaziabad will make a lot of a difference to your life and health both physical and mental. Your doctor may prescribe a treatment regimen which may include exercising, eating a healthy diet, relaxation techniques, avoid substance misuse, forming good sleep habit and so on.

The treatment plan will differ for each person. Set a small goal and go at a pace that you are comfortable. In a few days, you will wonder where your depression vanished.

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