Deactivated from Amazon? Here’s how to reactivate your Account

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Amazon is one of the leading and most admirable online marketplaces in the world today. With more and more sellers taking their business to this shopping hub, competition has definitely become a lot harder. As a consequence, Amazon has established certain policies to uphold its trustworthiness. One of these is to Deactivate Seller Account who do not meet the company’s standards. If your selling privileges have been removed by Amazon, take a long breath because there is a solution to get your account back on way.

Why does Amazon deactivate accounts?

Before mapping out the different methods to lift your account deactivation, it is significant to know why your selling privileges were removed in the first place. Understanding why Amazon deactivated your account will not only help you figure out the best resolution, it will also save you from getting into the same situation in the future.

Take a look at these different scenes which could warrant account deactivation on Amazon:

When you receive poor seller performance rating:

Amazon thrives because its customers trust in its power as a marketplace. No wonder Amazon deactivates sellers who threaten its image as a trustworthy company. When sellers get a large volume of negative reviews, Amazon is on high alert to check the seller and ultimately deactivates their account thus things get worse.

Here are the most common causes why sellers fail to keep up with Amazon’s selling metrics:

  • Frequent order cancellation

  • Late shipping

  • Negative customer reviews

It is significant to keep an eye on these metrics and to make sure that you at least hit the smallest target set by Amazon:

  • Below 2.5% for the cancellation rate

  • Below 4% for delayed shipment

  • Below 1% for defects in goods

When you sell restricted/ banned products:

Amazon has summarized the different kinds of products and brands which are banned from the website. Sellers would do well to confirm out these items on Amazon Restricted Product section.

When you sell counterfeit/ fake items:

Fake products are a blow to Amazon’s image as a reliable marketplace. From DVDs to beauty products, electronic devices to shoes, Amazon takes pleasure in selling genuine products only.

When you have two accounts:

Duplicate accounts are not accepted in Amazon. The company also does not let users to make a new account when their original one has been deactivated. It uses an algorithm that identifies this particular activity which in turn shuts down the secondary account.

Now that you know the possible reasons for deactivation, it’s time to take a look at the steps to get your account up and running again.

Steps to reactivate your Amazon account easily:

1. Find out the reason for your deactivation

Know the root cause of the problem so you can get to the correct solution. Study the suspension notice sent by Amazon to decide what went wrong.

2. Make an Action Plan

Let Amazon know that you are a trustworthy seller. Your action plan must summarize the following:

  • Clear and useful steps on how you will address the issue.

  • A strategic plan which shows how you will avoid this from happening in the future.

  • A list of positive attributes which show how you are a significant contributor to the Amazon marketplace.

3. Appeal to Amazon

Deliver an appeal to Amazon to have your account reinstated. You can do this by following the mentioned below steps:

  • Visit the Seller Central portion of your account.

  • Navigate the Performance tab and select Performance Notifications from the dropdown.

  • Find the Suspension Notice and tap on Appeal.

  • Fill out the Appeal form by mentioning your plans of action.

Additional Tips:

Amazon receives many appeals for account reinstatement but you can make yours stand out through these plans:

  • Make sure you mention the causes for suspension. This allows Amazon know that you know the issue at hand and you take liability for it.

  • Mention down the strong selling processes you have in place. This will put down a solid framework in your image as a seller.

  • Be simple when summarizing your plans on how to provide Amazon customers a better shopping experience in the future.

  • Be rigid and proficient, but keep an optimistic tone.

  • Hire a virtual associate to assist you keep track of your emails, page content, and social media profiles. The good news is there are many believable companies where you can get virtual help so you need not worry about Amazon deactivation pertaining to customer service issues.

Getting deactivation from Amazon may be tough, but as a good entrepreneur, you must take this in step to improve your business. Does your selling have what it takes to get back in the game when it hits this block?

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Blog Name: Deactivated from Amazon? Here's How to Reactivate Your Account.

Description:  If your selling privileges have been deactivated by Amazon, take breath because there is a solution to get your account back on track.

Author: Smith Peter

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