Dan Hollings The Plan Gets Bonus System For Crypto Investing For Beginners

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Dan Hollings The Plan Gets Bonus System For Crypto Investing For Beginners

Heather Farrell announces the release of The Fast Track Bonus System which was designed to make it easier for anyone to learn The Plan for crypto trading, and get their own exchange account and bots set up quickly and confidently. The 6-part video training course is not difficult, however, there are many moving parts and people who are new to this space can often get bogged down in the early setup stage.

Discover how you can start making passive income off the volatility of the crypto market using a set-and-forget system that requires very little time to set up and run:

"Investors today are sick and tired of being conned, short-changed, and held back and they are looking for the smartest way to invest in crypto that doesn't require mensa-level intellect and time they don't have," says Heather. This is why Dan Hollings' crypto trading course has taken the world by storm because he teaches the complete novice and financially savvy, what is arguably the best crypto investing strategy available today.

The sad reality is 96+% of the population never even gets to hear about the best and most lucrative investments in the world because the powers that be have decided that anyone with a liquid net worth under $1 million dollars needs to be protected, and is not smart enough to fully understand all the complexities. This may be partly true in some cases however we should be permitted to decide for ourselves, except that is impossible to do when the best investments available are reserved only for "accredited investors", that is until cryptocurrency digital assets and the blockchain came around.

Until now, policymakers, wall street wizards, and financial fat-cats have kept the best and most lucrative investments for themselves through regulation and not allowing average people of average means to get in on the action. It is investment discrimination to be sure.

Today things are different because the cryptocurrency market is decentralized which means it's unregulated so nobody can keep anyone out, or control it, or artificially alter the true value of a crypto coin. The flip side of this truly free market system is that it's not governed and there are no guarantees. Many people would argue that the guarantees offered in the centralized system are worthless and unenforceable which also may be true.

Cryptocurrencies and The Plan gives everyone, regardless of their wealth or social standing the ability to invest in what is a ground floor opportunity today, and quite possibly the once-in-a-lifetime investment of tomorrow.

Anyone can join The Plan and take the training to learn firsthand how to make passive income using automation (AI) to trade cryptocurrencies. Now, thanks to the exclusive Fast Track Bonus System developed by Heather, people can breeze through the learning and set-up stage and quickly get their own bots running, allowing them to soar ahead and start generating passive income from bot profits much quicker.

When asked why she created The Fast Track Bonus System, Heather said it's because there are a lot of folks out there looking for legit ways to invest in crypto but they're nervous about making a mistake and are unsure if they can handle the tech. They are worried about being able to apply the training and if they can actually create a crypto grid bot. These bonuses give people (especially beginners) the support and confidence they need to do it."

This exclusive bonus system bridges the gap between the hottest investment opportunity of our lifetime and those who feel technically challenged and not sure if they can keep up with the training (or if it will work for them).

In today's world we all need to look for an edge and take every advantage we possibly can to tip the scales in our favor, and investing in crypto is no different. Anyone wanting to learn more about how to generate passive income from crypto using the lowest risk strategy that exists today should drop everything and look into The Plan and The Fast Track Bonus System now.

This is a winning combination that will get people ready and set up fast so they can catch the next crypto wave that many feel is about to come surging in right now.

Get access to The Plan and The Fast Track Bonus System at


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