Cyclone dry pulverized coal gasifier

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Patentee: Shenhua Group Co., Ltd., Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Requester: Wang Chong

Examination conclusion: maintain patent right

The patent relates to the high conversion rate dry powder coal gasification technology.  Wang Chong, presumably a straw man, attempted to invalidate the patent based on inventiveness.  The Patent Reexamination Board (PRB) stated, “if a claim has different technical features compared to the closest prior art, and the prior art does not give the technical inspiration for applying the different technical features to the closest prior art to solve the corresponding technical problem, and there is no evidence that it belongs to common knowledge in the field, then the claim has prominent substantive features [and is therefore patentable].”

1. One swirl dry coal gasifier, characterized in, dry powdered coal burner coal gasification furnace comprises a swirl flow, the reaction chamber, for discharge of slag, the quench chamber, a guard ring and the housing; Cyclone coal burner provided in its upper part, the lower the slag discharge outlet communicating with the upper chamber, the quench chamber comprises a quench ring, and damage bubble plate down, broken down in the housing between the bubble plate set, a quench ring down the upper end of the set, a slag discharge outlet is arranged outside the chamber and the cooling water coil; A slag discharge outlet and the upper end of the lower end of the upper end of the guard ring down to a lower communication; Cyclone coal burners comprise ignition passage from inside to outside, cooling circulating channel 1st, oxygen and steam tunnel, coal 2nd cooling the circulating water passage channel and, cooling circulation water circulating channel 2nd with cooling channels 1st respectively to fire end helically wound, with the steam channel is provided with a swirl vane oxygen, pulverized coal burner of the cyclonic swirl vanes 20-30° angle of the longitudinal axis; A slag discharge outlet of the diameter of the reaction chamber diameter ratio of 1 : 3-1 : 4; A slag discharge outlet housing and is provided between the support plate, the lower fixed down gasifier with the cyclone housing fixed by dry coal.

The invention provides a rotational-flow dry coal powder gasifier which comprises a rotational-flow coal powder burner, a reaction chamber, a slag outlet, a chilling chamber, a shell and a protecting ring, wherein a cooling circulation water channel of the rotational-flow coal powder burner is spirally coiled at a fire end, with a good cooling effect; the upper part and the lower part of the slag outlet are respectively communicated with the lower part of the reaction chamber and the upper part of the protecting ring; the lower part of the protection ring is communicated with the upper part of a downcomer of the chilling chamber; the ratio of the diameter of the slag outlet to the diameter of the reaction chamber is (1-3)-(1 : 4); the chilling chamber comprises a chilling ring, a downcomer and a defoaming plate, wherein the defoaming plate is arranged between the downcomer and the shell; a cooling water coil tube is arranged outside the reaction chamber and the slag outlet. The rotational-flow dry coal powder gasifier provided by the invention is simple in structure, and is particularly applicable to a large-scale coal gasification production process with daily capacity of 2, 000-3, 000 tons, and meanwhile the carbon conversion rate is greater than 98%.

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