Custom Writing Services - Market Overview

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The market for custom writing services is an industry in the e-commerce industry. Specialized writing services are subject to a fee.

Market size

The exact size of the market for custom writing services is unknown, although estimates can be made. The number of competitors in the market is close to 200. About 30 percent of the companies in the industry have an annual turnover of about $ 120,000, while the remaining 70 percent have almost doubled their annual sales. The total market size is estimated at USD 10,800,000 per year. The size of the market in relation to the economy is not yet known.


Fragmentation is the process of dividing certain heterogeneous sub-markets into a given market. Markets There are many sub-markets with similar objectives.

In the relevant market, segmentation is explained as follows. Companies operating in the market can be divided according to the differences in specialization into the following categories: (a) company-oriented companies; B) specially managed companies. Usually oriented companies are those who prepare specially written articles on various topics. Typically, these organizations employ writers from a variety of disciplines, or simply those who are able to perform at an appropriate level in one or more areas. Companies that are responsible for another regulatory category usually operate in a narrow system. There are companies on the market that offer articles written specifically for math, physics, sociology, African Americans, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Broncere and others.

Other products and services offered by the industry include proofreading, editing and pre-prepared documents.

It should be noted that there are companies on the market that offer written and pre-customized documents. However, does this perhaps have nothing to do with a breach of ethics, but with the privacy of students who previously requested a specially written article that could later be revoked by another student?

Speed ​​of development

The market growth rate changes over time. Thus, in 2000, there were about 25-30 companies producing custom written / written articles, articles, case studies and other types of research. In five years, the number of companies in the market has grown to about two hundred.

The market grew rapidly in 2003-2004, when prices suddenly changed. The number of companies in the market has increased by about 30 percent and is now around 80. This increase is due to the trend in many developing countries, such as India, Ukraine, Poland and other developing countries, to develop new e-commerce solutions for business groups. Companies in these countries have started to provide similar services with fewer services than in the United States, Canada or Australia. For pricing policy, see Pricing.

Today, the market growth rate is rather low, as the market is full of a variety of services provided by market participants.

Geographical distribution of services

It is worth noting that the market under study is a subset of the e-commerce industry. This leads to the conclusion that the products or services produced by the producers are intangible and intangible. This is particularly the case in the market for custom writing services, offering customers intangible products that are mainly delivered to them by e-mail.

It should be clear that if no company maintains its head office / reserved office, it operates worldwide.

The only principle governing the geographical distribution of written works on demand is the linguistic link. Major countries using the service: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and some European and Asian countries.

Seasonal nature of the market

The other side of the market is seasonal. The seasonal nature of the market is examined. As the services provided by market participants are tailored to the needs of students only throughout the school year, the active sales season roughly coincides with the school year. The first half of September is reimbursed - usually several weeks in June.

This market season explains price volatility. It has been observed that service prices increase throughout the year, with a peak in December - January and April - May. During the summer season, it drops dramatically.


Clients of online services, such as custom writing services, are typically high school, college, and university students between the ages of 16 and 25. Due to the relatively low market prices, the target group in the market covers the so-called middle class and above.

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