Cummins PT Fuel Pump Commissioning Methods

by Starlight Generator dieselgeneratortech

The test bench commissioning method of Cummins PT fuel pump is as follows:

Install the fuel pump on the test bench. After the fuel pump is connected to the drive plate, fill the pump housing and the oil inlet hole of the gear pump with clean test oil from the plug hole at the top of the fuel pump. Connect the oil inlet rubber hose and the cooling oil drain valve hose; check whether the voltage stabilizer is stable to ensure that the gear pump works stably; adjust the pointer of each measuring instrument to zero position.


Trial run. Close the idle small orifice valve, throttle valve and leakage valve on the test bench, and fully open the vacuum adjustment valve, oil cut off valve and flow adjustment valve. The throttle valve of the fuel pump is in the fully open position, and the double arm lever of the MVS governor is in contact with the high speed limit screw. Start the motor to make the fuel pump run at 500r / min.

If the fuel pump does not suck oil, check whether the valve in the oil inlet line is open, whether there is air leakage, or the rotation direction of the fuel pump is reversed; test run for more than 5 minutes to allow air to be discharged from the oil and the oil temperature rises to 32~38.


Check the tightness of the fuel pump. At a speed of 500r / min, close the vacuum adjustment valve while opening the flow adjustment valve, the vacuum meter reading should be 40kPa; apply a small amount of light grease to the vent hole at the main shaft sealing device of the front cove of the fuel pump, no inhalation means good  seal; Check the tightness of the O seal ring of the throttle valve, the seal ring hole of the chronograph, the double arm lever shaft of the MVS governor and the adjusting screw, the gasket between the gear pump and the housing. If there are air bubbles in the fuel of the flowmeter, it means that air has entered the fuel pump in the above part.

Adjust the vacuum. Fully open the flow adjustment valve on the test bench, the fuel pump runs at the rated speed of the diesel engine, and adjust the vacuum adjustment valve to make the vacuum meter reading 27kPa.


Adjust the flow meter. The fuel pump runs at the nominal speed of the diesel engine, and the flow adjustment valve is used to adjust the float of the flow meter to the specified value.

Adjust the speed of the disconnection point of the governor. The throttle valve is fully open, increase the speed of the fuel pump until the fuel pressure begins to drop, and check whether the speed of the fuel pump's disconnection point is within the specified value. If it is lower than the specified value, a gasket can be added between the adjusting spring and the snap ring; otherwise, the gasket should be removed. When the MVS governor is installed, it is adjusted with a high speed limiting screw.


Check the fuel pressure point. Increase the fuel pump speed. When the fuel pressure drops to 276kPa, check whether the fuel pump speed is within the specified value range. Make the fuel pump continues to increase the speed, the fuel pressure should be able to reduce to zero, otherwise the fuel in the fuel pump is short-circuited.


Commissioning of fuel outlet pressure at nominal speed and maximum torque point speed. Starting from zero fuel pressure, reduce the speed of the fuel pump to the calibrated speed and check whether the fuel outlet pressure meets the specified value. When the MVS speed governor is not installed, use the increase or decrease gasket to adjust. When the MVS governor is installed, use the throttle adjustment screw to adjust; when the fuel pump speed drops to the maximum torque point speed, check whether the fuel outlet pressure meets the specified value.

Adjustment of idle speed and fuel outlet pressure. Close the throttle valve, leakage valve and flow adjustment valve on the PT pump test bench, open the idle orifice valve, make the throttle valve shaft of the fuel pump in the idle position, make the fuel pump run at idle speed, and check whether the fuel outlet pressure meets the specified value. Adjustable with idle speed adjustment screw.


Hope the above methods help you debug the PT pump of Cummins diesel generator  well.


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