Cummins Diesel Generator B Series Engine Structural Characteristics

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Cummins B series diesel engine structural characteristics


Reasonable strength, compact structure, simple, less variety and quantity of spare parts, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving.


A.Use the design of combining several parts, this reduces parts quality, the universality of parts is increased and many complex parts are omitted. For example, pump shell, oil pump shell, water pump intake pipe and oil cooler shell. All these parts are combined in Cylinder Block. Intake manifold, thermostat seat, cooling water small circulation pipe, fuel filter seat are assembled in cylinder head.


B.Many aluminum castings and stampings, so that weight is light. For example, aluminium castings include gear chamber, flywheel housing, intake pipe cover, valve chamber cover, oil cooler, etc. Stamping parts includes oil pan, tappet chamber cover, gear chamber cover, etc.


C.As far as possible to reduce quantity and variety of parts, for example, the total number of gears in the gear room is 6 (including three gears of the driving oil pump and the air compressor). The cooling piston is made of plastic nozzles , which cannot be simplified further.


D.Widely use light and simple accessory assembly with high versatility.


E.Spare size of key parts have more than needed, and adequate strength reserve.


F.In order to meet the needs of multi-purpose and matching, design a large number of selected parts. For example, the refueling port can be set at the top, front and side; There are three types of oil pan: front oil tank, middle oil tank and back oil tank; Oil gauge can be set in front, middle and rear position; Can choose to install air compressors, hydraulic pumps and air conditioners, cryogenic starter and some kinds of high pressure oil pump.



Usage and maintenance specification


A.Cleaning of air. Must guarantee air filter  normally working when the diesel engine is running, air intake of diesel engine must be filtered strictly, 99% pure air and air filter should work normally.The specifications of filter element should meet the requirements of 6BT diesel engine.Can not be replaced by other filter elements. Not to leak short circuit, air intake blockage.


B.Cleaning of fuel requirements. If the fuel contains fine and hard impurities, it is easy to wear the plunger and cam disc of the oil pump and make them invalid. Or plug the injector. Some can also enter the cylinder hole through the injector to accelerate the wear of cylinder barrel and piston ring. If the fuel contains water or corrosive impurities, it will also lead to the rust of the plunger, cam disc and other important parts, or even jam, and twist off the pump shaft.


C.Cleaning of coolant liquid. The cooling fluid used in the B series diesel engine is antifreeze and antirust fluid.In the winter of low temperature, it is not necessary to drain water every day. The replacement period is 2 years.


D.If it contains other chemical impurities and scales in the water jacket, it will also lead to poor heat dissipation, poor cooling effect and engine failure.

E.Check oil level of diesel engine. When checking oil level, the engine must be placed horizontally to ensure that the measured value is accurate. The correct reading can be obtained only when the engine is down. Wait for at least 15 minutes after the engine shuts down before starting to check the oil level. This period of time allows the oil to flow back to the oil pan.


F.Check coolant liquid level. Do not open the pressure cap from the hot engine. The pressure cap shall not be opened until the coolant temperature drops below 50 degrees C (120 degrees F). Otherwise, high temperature coolant or steam ejection may cause personal injury.


In a word, the cleanliness of oil, water and gas is an important factor for prolonging the life of DCEC Cummins B series diesel engines, which must be paid enough attention to.


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