Cryptocurrencies, a path to wealth.

by Hector Chavez MLM, Crypto and sales.

In June 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was working on Paid to Click (PTC) and Traffic Exchange sites, with the aim of earning some dollars to use through PayPal and also to check it out if there would be out there a site that offered me the possibility of making sustainable money online since due to the pause imposed by the quarantine we would experience financial problems in the short term.

After examining many sites, that promise and do not deliver and some that even steal your money you invest, I discovered We Share Abundance. I found it interesting because there is no investment risk, although it seemed a bit slow to me. For registering, checking my email and configuring my wallet to receive cryptocurrencies, I was assigned 2 USD as a welcome. Not bad because the banks in my country after a year could give me that amount as interest earned on my savings. The site offered that it would pay me $ 0.01 a day to log in and take a look around and read a message if there was one, but it also told me that if I reached $ 2.50 and bought Pool 1, I would be earning $ 0.10 every day, doing the same thing as I've been doing it before.

I discovered then that the program had 6 Pools that were gradually scaled up to the elite position. Without investing a single penny you can reach the elite position, but as it seemed good to me I invested a little to reach pool 6 quickly. From the same money generated in the program, I participated in the 6 pools with 100 USD per month and obtaining 150 USD in return at the end of the month. The return money was sent to my wallet in the form of WESA tokens, a cryptocurrency of the site. At first I found it difficult to handle the program and the wallet, but after seeing the tutorials several times I managed to fully understand them.

I am writing this article today, January 1, 2021, after reviewing that I had additional earnings from the monthly lotteries that take place in each of the 6 pools: $ 1 in pool 2, $ 51.66 in pool 3 and $ 5.01 in pool 5.

I was satisfied because every month I have made a profit in the monthly lotteries, although I hope that at some point I will get one of the big prizes.

This month the top winners obtained the following results:

POOL 1: $ 3,212.86

POOL 2: $ 4,377.00

POOL 3: $ 6,567.12

POOL 4: $ 11,751.10

POOL 5: $ 21,342.60

POOL 6: $ 57,005.00

After awarding all of these awards, the program presented Power of One awards to many members, who have been striving for new affiliates worth: $ 164,838.33.

Total Rewards and Commissions was: $ 3,140,950.75

The Charity Fund was: $ 1,436,438.05

And administrative expenses: $ 45,900

We Share Abundance is one of the best profitable programs on the net but also a chairitable organization.

When I entered the program 1 WESA was worth $17, now six months later 1 WESA, this exact day has a value of $254.71, something impressive because in addition to what I earn for participating in the pools and for my referrals, I also earn because my WESAS increases by value for themselves. If I now have 4 WESAS, my savings are $1,018.84, but if within 6 months the WESAS reached, for example, the value of $800 each, my savings would be $3,200.00, without having made any additional effort on my part.

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