crucial factors that determine the price of leather biker jackets

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There is no second opinion that leather jackets are a timeless style statement. As such it is a staple item for any functional wardrobe for both men and women. This range of truly ageless clothing merchandises is definitely costly but at the same time it easily lasts for years at a stretch. There is practically no other dressing item that beats these jackets in terms of versatility.

Initially the item range was designed only for men. But in course of time and considering the factors touched above the item has become overwhelmingly popular among divas as well. If the fact is to be spoken, a properly fitted jacket made of leather invariably brings about undeniable improvements to the overall appearance of anyone, either male or female. Considering this aspect, this assortment of winter clothing items is somewhat like suits. Both the varieties of clothing items indeed contribute handsomely to make anyone appear more elegant and attractive on every aspect. 

Moreover, both the varieties of clothing merchandises come for a ‘price’. You have to shell out a handsome amount of money to furnish your wardrobe with this range of versatile and fashionable clothing items. A jacket made of leather that fits you properly always exerts a transformative impact. But it is crucial to know a thing or two about this variety of clothing merchandises so that you can zero in upon the best option that is available.

Considering the huge commercial prospect of these jackets, lots of misleading and spurious elements exist in the market. In simpler words, it is easier running into a bad deal than landing on a quality jacket. Thus you have to get furnished with the necessary knowledge about the product to recognize every deception from a distance. 

The US leather industry

 If the truth is to be spilled, there are fewer leather factories in the United States as compared to a couple of decades ago. Even fewer of those factories maintain the right infrastructure for leather processing. Moreover, there is acute scarcity of experts, who are technically sound in leather technology. Thus both the high-end as well as low-end leather biker jackets are being manufactured at the same factory sharing the very same resources.

But if there is difference in the quality of a $400 jacket with a $2,000 one then why should customers allow themselves to be fooled under the broad daylight? There are in fact a number of factors that determine the quality of the range of jackets and the price is set accordingly.

Leather quality is the single most crucial factor in the given context. Jackets that are reasonably priced are usually made from corrected leather. This variety of leather comes from animals that have excessive scaring and branding from the way they were raised. The skin of such animals is sanded down, which requires massive manual labor. Then extra spraying of dyes is applied followed by other special treatments. All these efforts are done to give the leather a uniform look. Furthermore, in order to enhance visual impact, grains of faux leather are pressed into those skin plates.

This chain of additional effort leaves a smooth, plastic-like feel on corrected leather, whereas uncorrected skin plates are unevenly textured with soft texture and have an oily, shiny appearance.


Designers highly skilled in making mens leather jacket with fur collar point out another crucial point relevant to the context. According to them, jackets made from low-grade leather often have poor quality synthetic lining. In fact, this factor is common even in low-priced blazers and suits.

This variety of clothing items does not allow the skin breath. Moreover, they get shredded or torn pretty easily. Premium variety of jackets has different linings for the sleeves and the torso. Even if pure cotton lining is not used, high grade synthetic variety is used to ensure greater warmth and comfort for the wearer.

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