Creative and Cool Things to Do on a MacBook Pro or Air

by John Brave Blogger

Did you know that your Mac has many more features in store for you?

Windows users might outnumber the over 100 million active Mac users. This doesn’t mean, however, that Mac users won’t enjoy the many tricks Apple includes in their products. The key to finding these Mac tips and tricks lies in exploring your Mac and/or reading our guide.

Do you want to know the different things to do on a MacBook? Read on below for a list of a few tricks your MacBook Pro or Air has for you. 

1. Find the Wi-Fi Password for Other Devices

Macs have the unique feature of remembering all your passwords through Keychain. Keychain is Apple’s password management system. It takes notes of your passwords and other private details and stores them in a secure location.

You also have Keychain Access which accompanies the Keychain feature. Together, these two help you remember passwords for your Wi-Fi or other accounts you don’t often use. 

The first step is to open Keychain Access by searching it up in Spotlight. Search the name of the Wi-Fi connection. Next, double-click the iCloud Keychain that matches the SSID you’re looking for.

You’ll see a button that says ‘Show password’. Click it and then enter your Keychain password. Now, you can enter and recall the forgotten Wi-Fi password.

2. Add Your Signature to Digital Documents

Many companies are joining the paperless office movement. If your office is doing the same thing, putting your signature on a piece of document isn’t as simple anymore. Signing on a piece of paper and scanning it can seem like a time and electricity. 

The good news is that there is a Mac trick for this. All you need is Preview, iSight, and a working webcam. First, open the document you need to sign with Preview.

By the top right-hand corner of your screen, look for and click the pen icon. Select Create Signature for Built-in iSight. Take a clean, white piece of paper where your signature is or sign your name on one.

Hold your signature up to the webcam. Once iSight takes the photo of your signature, align it to the guides on screen. Click Accept, and you’re done.

You can also use the same signature to sign documents in the future. Bring your signature to the digital platform without needing to a scanner. It’s also quicker than having to print a document, sign it, scan it, and finally send it back. 

3. Boot Your Mac in Silence

One of the best things to do on a MacBook is to boot it in complete silence.

Do you often bring your MacBook to class or the library? Starting it up during a lecture can cause inconvenience and disturbance. Be stealthy in opening your Mac by holding down the Mute key as it boots up.

4. Delete Files Fast

Do you often find yourself deleting several files from the desktop? Well, if you want to quicken the process, you don’t need to do any more clicking and dragging. For this Mac tip and tricks, you only need to select the file then hit Command + Delete.

5. Work With Split Screens

Do you often need to open and look at several windows while you work? Have you tried to work with a side-by-side view of your windows? If you do and you want to try it, use the Split Screen view. 

Look for the green and rightmost button at the top of your windows. Hold it down to activate the Split Screen view. Next, select the second window you want to have besides the first one.

You can adjust how much space each window takes up with the line dividing them. This is useful especially for people who’re most likely to switch between windows. For example, digital artists can have their reference photos open on one side of the screen.

6. Customize Your File and Folder Icons

Mac already offers a beautiful and intuitive user interface. However, there’s still something you can do to beautify your personal computer the way you want to. You won’t even need to download a third-party program to do this. 

You only need to have the document or folder ready. You will also need to open in Preview the image you want to use as its new icon. Right-click the document or folder and select ‘Get Info’.

Copy the preview image you wish to use. Go to the Get Info window for the document and press Command + V. Now, you can recognize your files and folders at a glance. 

7. Make Simple Edits With Preview

You don’t need to buy Adobe Photoshop to edit your photos. Your Mac already has a built-in photo-editing app for you. It is one of the most underappreciated apps Mac in computers. 

Do you need to import a digital copy of your signature for digital documents? Do you need to resize or annotate an image? Do you want to change the file type of an image?

The answer to those questions is to use Preview.

8. Write With the Right Characters

When you’re writing important letters, you want to use the right characters, especially in the names of the addressed. One of the cool things you can do on a Mac is adding a foreign character with ease. Unlike with Windows computers, you don’t need to remember the alt codes for foreign letters.

Start typing your document as normal. When you get to the point where you need an accented letter, hold down the letter closest to it. For example, if you need the German S or Eszett (ß), hold down the S key.

From there, a pop-up will appear with the letters you might need. 

Speaking of pop-ups, there might be some you want to unblock on your browser. Check out this guide on how to allow pop ups on Mac.

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Discovered a few amazing things to do on a MacBook Pro or Air? A lot of people don’t know about these creative options because they’ve gotten so used to Windows.

But don’t stop here! Try to discover the other things you can do by going through our other guides today. We offer a myriad of topics for you to read and learn from!

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