Corrosion Protection By Anti Corrosion Coating

by Protexion Services Protective Coating and Solution Provider

Corrosion is a serious problem for all industries, but especially so in the chemical process industries. Because those coatings will be exposed to harsher conditions than average due to the nature of a chemical processing environment, it is important to take corrosion protection into consideration and choose durable coatings.  Protexion is known throughout the industry for our comprehensive anti corrosion coating formulations. Anti corrosion coating protect metal components against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation, and exposure to UV rays and a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals.

Why anti corrosion coating is important?

Corrosion is a natural reaction between metal and external elements, such as oxygen and moisture. Basic oxidation can occur simply by the exposure of metal to air. However, corrosion reactions accelerate when an electrolyte-containing medium, such as saltwater, is present to facilitate electron transfer between the anode and the cathode of a corrosion cell. These anti corrosion coating have long basic means of protecting wood and metal structures from deterioration.

Due to the extreme corrosivity of many chemical processes, Protexion facilities require more durable coatings than many indoor applications. However, this can also vary from component to component. The objective of anti corrosion coating is to protect the metal substrate against corrosivity of the environment, i.e. rust, and to give the specified appearance and texture to the surface.

Anti Corrosion Coating Types:

The top-quality anti corrosion coatings produced by Protexion allow for protection of metal surfaces, acting as a barrier to oxidation. We already have a wide variety of corrosion resistant coatings, and these can be tweaked to match any application. We supply the following:

·        Fluoropolymer-resin / lubricant mixtures which provide excellent corrosion protection

·        Epoxy, air dry - low cost, corrosion resistant coating

·        Epoxy, thermal cure-excellent impact resistance, plus resistance to corrosion and abrasion

·        Phenolic-suitable in climate with low pH , high temperatures

·        Phosphate-ferrous metal coating for the anti-galling and low resistance to corrosion

·        Polyurethane-high gloss epoxy and inorganic zinc topcoat

·        Inorganic Zinc-protection against steel corrosion and weathering

Some of these durable anti-corrosion coatings often provide abrasion resistance, non-stick properties and chemical protection.

Anti-corrosion coating is suitable for almost every steel and metal form, and has the following advantages:

        Water repelling & other fluids (for barrier coatings)

        Fends off mushrooms, algae, and moss

        Wetter protection from acid rain, salt water, ice etc.

        Immunity to toxic agents

        However, depending on the anti-corrosive paint forms you choose: anti-fouling, non-slip or self-cleaning properties

Protexion facilities chiefly consist of metal equipment and structural components in need of protection. Coatings inhibit corrosion by creating a physical barrier between the metal and corrosive elements, and in many cases, incorporate corrosion inhibitors as an extra layer of defense. The anti corrosion coatings are very diverse in their applications, but we mostly market them to customers in the gasoline, automotive and heat industry. Even to certain metal doors, ornamental iron and other metal equipment for coating.

Contact us today and we will be glad to help you get the right start on your coating project by supplying anti corrosion coating perfectly catered to your specifications.

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