Cool Facts Which will make you want to Rent A Rolls Royce

by Danial Martin Content Writer
When it comes to luxury cars, there are a plethora of models a person can choose from to suit one’s needs. Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or simply wish to embark on a road trip, there is no better companion than a luxury car. As more and more developments take place in society every day, it is now easier than ever to drive a luxury car by renting it.

Once you have decided to luxury car rental, you must be wondering which car to hire. Rolls Royce has rightfully earned its place as a highly rated manufacturer of luxury cars. A Rolls Royce can be expensive and exceed your budget, but it is, without a doubt, the best vehicle to cruise in. If you’re thinking about a Rolls Royce for hire, here are some interesting facts that will convince you to rent it.

Its Production

A Rolls Royce is no ordinary car. It is crafted from the finest materials that no other company uses. The cars carry a hefty price tag simply because the materials used are geared towards providing you with the most comfortable ride of your life. For example, the seats are made from authentic bull hide, and the best oak is used to design the dashboard.

No Dust
Each model is assembled in a special ‘clean room.’ This is done to ensure that no contaminants find their way into the car. The room can detect particles larger than 0.001 micron, which is much smaller compared to a human hair. The latter’s diameter is approximately 50 microns on average! If the room detects the presence of an unwanted particle, it sounds an alarm, and the room is then thoroughly cleaned before production is resumed.

The Sounds
Rolls Royce cars are built in such a way that they make zero sounds while moving around. The founder, Sir Henry Royce, put up cautionary signs around the factory to warn the workers about cars moving about silently. This can be experienced only when you hire Rolls Royce.

Completely Soundproof
Additionally, the cars are soundproof. The company often flaunts the phrase ‘magic carpet ride’ to describe its cars. In 2018, a man drove a Rolls Royce car through an earthquake that measured 3.6 on the Richter scale. He could not hear anything that was happening outside, even though he experienced an aftershock as well, and found out about the earthquake on the news the next morning!

Just One Man
Many Rolls Royce cars sport a trademark but optional coachline along their sides. Did you know that this line is not generated by a machine? Mark Court is the only person in the world who hand paints the line on to each car. The process takes approximately three hours, and he never ruins the symmetry. Perhaps he has the steadiest pair of human hands!

Made for Royalty
Rolls Royce was established in England at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, it has remained faithful to the Royal Family by producing a special line of cars only for them. The Phantom IV was gifted to Princess Elizabeth, and only 18 models have been produced till date. While you cannot rent a Phantom IV, you can hire Rolls Royce cars to experience a taste of royalty yourself.

The Spirit of Ecstasy
The Rolls Royce mascot, the Spirit of Ecstasy, adorns the bonnet of each model. When BMW bought Rolls Royce from Volkswagen, the company had to pay a whopping £30 million for the Spirit of Ecstasy alone. The symbol is deeply loved and valued, which is why if someone tries to detach it forcefully, it retracts into the body.

Its Life Expectancy
While most cars, no matter how expensive, conk out after a decade or so, Rolls Royce cars don’t. The cars were built to last a lifetime. 65% of all the Rolls Royce cars produced are still in functioning condition and cruising roads around the world. Many other vehicles in similar price ranges have shorter lifespans.

Rolls Royce cars are a class apart. If you still aren’t convinced, visit a Rolls Royce rental and feast your eyes. Just looking at one will make you want to jump behind the wheel and take it for a drive!

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