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Every brand has a website that craves for good traffic.  But there is a very wrong assumption that just getting in all the traffic is going to convert your website into a super successful overlord overnight. E-commerce websites have an advantage because the profits are measurable and tangible. Every visitor that gets in, if interested is going to buy a product. But in case you offer services of sometimes the lines get blurred. It’s hard to know how much of your traffic is actually going to make you profits. As a brand owner, you must have spent a lot of money on running ads, SEO, Google AdWords, blogging and marketing on the social media. What is the point of all of this is your potential customer visits your webpage and immediately regrets doing so? To get the return on investment you deserve we follow a three-pronged approach. Use a sales funnel to pipeline all that sweet traffic into tangible leads! Let’s see what this sales funnel is.

1 Immediately recognizable landing pages

First impressions matter a lot! There are no second chances in the game of advertising. Let us take an example. I want to find a digital marketing agency that can help with my brand page's SEO. I google and click the first result. On clicking the link I am redirected to a website where the content is so vague. The banners and the articles are so irrelevant and inconsistent. The next thing i do it hit back on the browser and go to a better website. The import point to take from this is Value Proposition. Make sure that all theme of the website conveys what you do. Get directly to the point and tell the audience the problems they face. Give a solution on how to solve it. The next thing should be how you specialize in solving such problems and finally how you are different from the other brands. Keep the words easily understandable and in layman's terms so that everyone gets you point.

2 Attractive Offers

Give out irresistible offers that titillate the senses of your customers. Make sure that they feel special and privileged to be part of your program. Exclusive deals are the best way to do this. Checkout your demographics and know what kind of audience are most popular. Target them through customized plans and the keep the traffic coming. The leads should be interested in making future purchase as well. For that it is very important to let them know the next best step to be done and give special discounts on further purchases. Special discounts to special customers. Keeping track of your customers orders and views to learn more about tastes is a good way to start. Suppose your customer is one who has bought two t shirts at your store, give him an offer that buying another one will make the delivery charges free! Keep making new ventures and making new leaps to stay ahead in the market.

3 Trustworthy

Users are always on the look out. Almost every one has had a bad shopping experience. Even on the most reputed websites like amazon or eBay, we must have had a product that might have been delivered late. Or the quality was not as good as the images on the website. These are very common problems faced by eCommerce websites.. The only actual knowledge of the product comes from the customer reviews and that too can be biased. This is why, your website should be designed in such a way, that your customers are not afraid of making mistakes. Even if they get a bad product, it shouldn't worry them too much because they trust you enough that you will fix the problem. Money back guarantees set a standard when the customer now has mind set that he/she has nothing to lose. Free shipping also makes them less doubtful of clicking the buy button. Your website can also come with a exclusive membership option that gives the customers exclusive access to faster delivery and premium services.

4 Trial Runs

Remember the good old days when there were so many services that can be used to its fullest on a trial basis? Those software came with a inbuilt code that made the application unusable after a said number of days or uses. Lets say for Adobe. Adobe software is the brand leader in image and graphic editing. All of their software from the creative suite is available on trail basis. This means you can use Photoshop for free for 14 days. Now this at first sight might see as a bad financial move, but sales statistics show the opposite. A lot of the people who use the software find it very rewarding. The ability to use it to its full functionality gives them a sense of trust in the product and buy it without hesitation. The same can be said about Netflix's 1 month free trial policy. Trial runs a innovative way to get that return customer into your playing field.

How about them Leads?

These 4 methods are just a scratch on the surface of how you get the best from your traffic. Consumer psychology, innovative CTA buttons, eye pleasing color schemes and so much more awaits for your brand's exploitation. To learn more subscribe to Adhuntt's blog and get in contact to learn all about it in person. Now you might know why even though your brand has a lot of traffic, there isn't expected profits earned. Set your standards high and keep hustling and your brand will reach its pinnacle. Good Luck!

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