Controlling Home Invading Insects and Bugs

by Andy Morley UK Blogger

Controlling Home Invading Insects and Bugs

With spring around the corner it’s time to start thinking about creepy crawlies… Bugs and insects seem to divide opinion. Some people are captivated at sight, some run away from even the smallest caterpillar and others aren’t too bothered either way.

These three groups of people however generally share one opinion – these animals belong outside and not in the home. Even those who are fascinated by bug trails can’t deny that there are some rather unsavoury side effects if allowed on domestic property.

On top of the unsanitary conditions, certain creepy crawlies can carry diseases, have nasty stings and cause allergies to erupt. It is easier said than done to keep them out of your home but there are a few things you could try to make sure the only animals living in your home are invited.

Seal Doors and Large Openings

Of course to get into your home, insects need an access point, most commonly openings within frames, walls and roofs. Even the smallest of cracks can be gateways to your home for a number of minute insects.

Check your home for potential entrances that bugs can take advantage and follow the appropriate measures to rectify downfalls.

Use Screens

Speaking of openings, you might want to open every window in the home when the weather is nice and the temperature is warm. This of course presents an opportunity for critters to navigate to your abode.

Unless you’ve got a decent air conditioning set-up, you’ll want to keep those windows open. You could make use of insect screens for windows and doors. A 20-mesh variety should be enough to keep most animals out.

Watch the Rubbish

Almost everybody realises and understands the link between an overflowing bin and an influx of common household nuisances. Your rubbish can be a goldmine for hungry animals on the prowl for a meal.

Think about what’s going into your waste bin. If there’s a fair bit of leftover food, the aroma can attract a large number of creatures with advanced sense of smell. Most of us are guilty of letting the bin bag hold more than it should or not keeping a lid on the bin but keep on top of this to stave off unwanted visitors.

Switch to LED Lighting

A lot of nocturnal beasts, such as moths, are naturally attracted to light and will head straight towards ultraviolet rays which are emitted by incandescent bulbs.

LEDs do not emit UV however and although they probably won’t completely eradicate all bugs shifting towards them, the numbers will drop significantly. These lights and bulbs also consume less energy meaning that there isn’t much heat produced as a by-product, creating a less habitable environment for warmth seeking insects.

Look for Water Pools

All living things need water to survive and insects are no different. Garden holes, ornaments and birdbaths that are likely to fill up with rain water are attractive for mini beasts.

Try to make sure that susceptible spots are drained regularly and hopefully the amount of bugs should be reduced.

Encourage Natural Predators

Maybe not a viable option for those who love insects, encouraging bug-eating animals to visit your home may help control pest levels. Birds and bats in particular like to feast on a variety on six-legged snacks so inviting them over for dinner can work a treat.

If you have trees and bushes suitable for nesting, bird feeders and birdbaths (with regularly replenished water), birds might be tempted to help you out.

If you don’t mind the idea of bats taking refuge in your garden, a bat house or roost can encourage them to take up dwelling in your yard. If you’re unsure, don’t forget that bats only come out at night so you’d probably very rarely notice them.

Try It Out

The likelihood of creating an insect-free zone in your home is almost impossible, after all, there are over 10 quintillion mini beasts in the world.

Taking a few measures though can lead your home to being a lot more anti-bug though so if you’re having troubles, it is definitely worth giving a shot.

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