Construction of Future Sustainable Modern Homes

by Mohimenul Islam SEO service provider

The chain value of the buildings in which we live and breathe is facing an enormous amount of revolutions. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and robotics are not only making our cities smart and automated but are also producing new chances and innovations in the field of construction.

According to some experts, as a result of the technological disruption, the traditional mode of construction would entirely be changed and would be exchanged by construction automation. Similarly, the real estate agents of the future would be robots. And they are also predicting that due to these innovations the lifespan of the human would be enlarged which will alter everything from the job market to ecosphere and even our social lives.

Increasing Longevity and Ageing Society

Depending on technology and innovation in the medical field it is possible that the lifespan of humans would be increased.  Although changes in genome like CRISPR/Cas9 is just in its introductory levels, however, it is expected that with the help of genetic engineering the lifespan can be increased.  Datafication of all things in the world has increased its chances. Examples of such datafication like fitness trackers, tutoration apps is already helping us to understand human health and its associated problems.

Experts are of the view that due to these developments in medical sciences the average age of humans would be reaching 90 years or so in industrial and other countries. And we are seeing that in countries of dense population small and micro houses/properties that are equipped with features of sustainability, flexibility, and energy efficiency are more demanded.

The way these countries are progressing, forest and agricultural properties are being converted into concrete structures.


Sustainable Real Estate

Construction industry shares 20 percent in the International Carbon emission.   In order to protect the environment from further imbalance and forthcoming impacts of demographic changes, the carbon emission must be reduced in the construction industry. Experts have recently introduced concepts of 3D printing and combination of  Synthetic Biology which is hoped to make construction business a sustainable industry. The different classes of bricks that are used in our real estate buildings dictate the fate of that building.

With the help of different techniques for 3d technology including Continuous liquid interface, rapid liquid, production carima-continuous and printing additive and 3D printing can construct a portion of or complete building.   The structures and buildings constructed by such means are more flexible and sustainable from a construction point of view and have more lifespan. Resultantly minimal sources are used for construction and maintenance.