Concerns regarding costume contact lenses

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Since long costume contact lenses have been a popular eye accessory for costume designers who design costumes for movies and theatres. The reason behind that is they give a more coordinated look. Eyes make the entire appearance seem real and very believable. Earlier these contact lenses were a luxury and were available to only the theatrical or movie stars. But gone are those days and now everyone can get a pair for themselves. Mostly, such contact lenses are used by people during the Halloween but they can be used while going out to a club or other theme parties. By using them, you can be sure that your appearance won’t go unnoticed.

This article clears some doubts about costume contact lenses:

What are the choices in costume contact lenses?

These lenses come in different colors, styles and designs. They are available in every design imaginable. Some of them include zebra, werewolf, cat eye, zombie contact lenses, black-out contacts, white-out contacts, alien contacts, blood red contact lenses, spiral black contact lenses and many more.

To try something unique, you can get custom-made your pair of contact lenses. Though, they would cost you more and take time to make, but a skillful artist can paint anything of your choice on the lens.     

Can one see while wearing costume contact lenses?

Both the color of the iris and shape of the pupil can be modified to create scary effects. These lenses are completely opaque but the center of the lens is kept clear so that the wearer can see through them clearly and normally. But there is one exception with these lenses and that are white-out contacts and black-out contacts which create the effect of blind eyes. White-out contacts are completely opaque and if you want to want to try how it feels to be blind, you can wear this lens in only one eye.

Do one need prescription for costume contact lenses?

These lenses come with or without vision correction both. Even if you have proper vision, you still need to get a prescription from an experienced eye practitioner. The doctor will suggest the proper fit for you and then only you should buy a pair of costume contact lenses for yourself.

Are costume contact lenses safe?

There are many warnings about the dangers of costume lenses if they are not properly used. These lenses themselves are usually not to blame. Unfortunately, some people don’t take the instructions carefully and put them in without washing their hands, wear their costume contacts for several days straight, or exchange the lenses with their friends.  And when they get an eye infection the entire blame comes on the manufacturers. The fact is that if you buy them from a reputed brand and follow all the care and wear instructions, they are completely safe to wear.

How to care for your costume contact lenses?

Taking care of your costume contact lenses is not all difficult and it is almost similar to regular contact lenses.

·     -  Wash your hands before putting them inside your eyes

·     - Rinse your contact lenses in a disinfecting lens solution

·     -  If not using your pair of contact lenses, store them in a contact lens case in a fridge

·     -  Change your lens case every six months

·     - Do not share your contact lenses with anyone

·     - Use them for the prescribed duration only

·     -  Buy them form a legitimate source only

Where to buy your costume contact lenses?

You can buy your pair of contact lenses from a reputed source like sclera-lenses. Their costume contact lenses are extremely popular. Sometimes, they are also called "Crazy Halloween Lenses” as many use them particularly on Halloween. They are cheaper, more comfortable and can be worn much longer than Sclera Lenses. Do not hesitate to buy the affordable crazy lenses from first-rate suppliers on their website. They offer contact lenses on a quarterly and yearly basis. These contact lenses are available in a wide range of models, colors and options and their selection is created to suit everyone’s taste. Match the color of your eyes with your favorite clothes. The range of lenses they offer is constantly growing as they strive to provide you with the widest range possible to choose from.

Most contacts are in stock and therefore will be sent to you no later than next working day. All their packages are shipped with a tracking number so that you can check your order status. All the relevant details can be found on your local post’s website.

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