Common Signs of Troubled Teen Girls

by Kevin Smith Author

When teens start to spin out of control, it is time for the parents to watch out. Early detection of their behavioral change is important. If gone unnoticed, the results can be deleterious. If your teenage daughter acts weird, watch out for these signs: -

1)   Extreme change in behavior: This is the most prominent signs of all. She lies and complains, gets irritated, yells uncontrollably, and displays rebellion. Lack of communication creates distance betweenyou and your daughter.

2)   Change in attitude: Your daughter may cut off her hair and dye it with wild colors. Her dressing style might change drastically. She may get tattoos or multiple piercings.

3)   Sudden change in peer groups: Troubled teen girls tend to hang out with similarly minded people, who easily sympathize her.

4)    Substance addiction: Theyeasily get addicted to drugs and alcohol.

5)    School records: Check if she is ditching class. Talk to her teachers.Expect decline in her grades.

6)    Depression: Look for signs like self-harm, finding thrill in violence, stealing money, sulking and lack of interest in hobbies.

You are very likely to encounter these signs if your daughter is going through a troubled phase. Although she is despised by all right now, she is not solely responsible for this change.Teenstruggle is common. But how they manage to cope up depends entirely on the situation.

Some reasons responsible for a teen’s changed behavior are: a) victim to physical or sexual abuse or bullying; b) history of violence or anger; c) stressful home environment; d) lack of attachment to parents; e) low self-esteem; f) negative impact of adults; and g) lack of acceptance in a positive peer group.

If your daughter is troubled, don’t try to scold and correct her. Because it would not work. Remember your days as a teen? They were not easy either. So, stop feeling helpless and start doing this simple therapy at home. If your daughter is in the initial stage, this may prove effective. Try out the following procedures:

1)    Be calm and speak sensibly, prepare to listen

2)    avoid sarcasm, threats or yelling

3)    don’t be rigid with your views, don’t impose rules

4)    don’t keep whining about past, discuss the present

5)    don’t try to have the last word

6)    if things get too heated, take a break and continue the discussion later.

Remember at this stage, your daughter thinks she is her only defender. So, she might not give in to this procedure. If you fail to communicate with her, immediately seek professional help. There are many registered homes for troubled girls where specialized residential therapies are conducted under the supervision of experienced psychologists, doctors, and therapists. 

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