Common Plumbing Problems that Every House and Office Face

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If you own a home, plumbing problems are something that you have to face inevitably. It can be due to age-old fixtures or tearing of plumbing equipment. However, a lot of it depends on maintenance. Whether it is big or small, plumbing problems need to be tended immediately so that it does not affect the entire household.

Below are some of the mentioned common plumbing problems that every house and office face once in a while-

  • Leaky faucets– This is the most common type of plumbing error that is faced by many on a regular basis. There are many factors leading to this problem such as a worn-out washer, mineral deposits, O rings or aged plumbing equipment that has served its time. It can also occur due to corrosion or improper installation at the beginning. Problems like this, if kept unattended to can lead to serious damage to the other appliances. Not only this, but dripping faucets are also wasting huge amounts of money every day.
  • Running toilets– Irrespective of the bathroom fitting suppliers, a running toilet can ruin all other appliances. It is also responsible for wasting around 200 gallons of water regularly. It is important to check the flush valves or flapper seals in case they are improperly sized. Corroded toilet handles may also contribute to this problem. The good part is that this issue can be fixed quite easily without making a huge expenditure.
  • Clogged drains– If you are facing this issue, it certainly calls for an emergency situation. That is because not only is it is a plumbing disaster; it can also cause several health hazards. It mostly happens because of hair, soap or the deposition of other foreign particles that get stored in the drain over time. Sewer problems may lead to long-term issues such as multiple slow drains in the home that can impact the entire plumbing system of the house or office.
  • Leaky pipes– If you have stubborn clogs, pipe corrosion or excessive water pressure, it can give rise to leaky pipes. The incorrect pipe layout of a bathroom may lead to this issue that can flood the entire place in no time causing a huge loss of water. Check for cracked seals or pipe damages to fix the root of these problems. Attending to this problem as quickly as possible is mandatory to avoid huge damage to your bathroom appliances or an entire plumbing system.
  • Low water pressure– Everyone prefers a strong stream of water instead of a drizzle. Weak water pressure can be a problem which will consume a lot of time and not allow the work to be done properly, be it washing clothes or taking a bath. However, it is mostly caused due to bigger and deep-rooted plumbing problems such as cracked or blocked sewer lines, drain clogs and hidden water leaks in the house. Unclogging a sink or shower is easy with vinegar. If the problem persists even after that, the assistance of a professional plumber is essential.
  • Scarcity of hot water– In other words, it is the problem with the water heater. Be it a big or bath fittings manufacturers in India, the requirement of hot water is universal. However, due to the failure of heating elements, improper installation of the water heater or a sediment buildup within the system, there may be a plumbing crisis that will not let you have access to hot water. Re-lighting the pilot or draining may help in some cases to address the problem.
  • Leaky hose bibb– It is generally experienced during a particular weather condition- in summer and spring. This is because after a prolong frozen winter, the unprotected hose bibbs will crack inevitably and start leaking. That is why it is very important to purchase and install a frost-proof hose bibb. That way it won’t leak or cause unnecessary water loss and plumbing problems in the household.

These are some of the common plumbing problems that can be tended by professional plumbing services. The sooner the better to reduce the chances of a plumbing disaster in the house or office that may lead to the collapse of the entire system and cost a lot more to get fixed. is one of India’s leading faucet manufacturers. Their appliances are designed keeping the aestheticism and functionality of the product in mind. The quality of the products offered by is no doubt the best. With their reasonable pricing, renovate your bathroom in a new fashion.

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