Common Laundry Mistakes You Are Doing on Regular Basis

by Nishant Tripathi Drycleaners and Laundry service in noida

Doing laundry is not like a rocket-science in which you have to follow several rules. It’s just like putting the garments in the washing machine, add some detergent, and there you go. Still, some common mistakes can damage your clothes; decrease the efficiency of your washing machine, and reducing its life. 


Look at some of the frequent laundry mistakes that you are probably making.


  • Using over detergent: Many people think adding detergent in excessive amounts will clean your clothes effectively. However, the case is not so. Excess foam hold dirt pulled from your clothes and got fixed under other areas. It will let you feel itchy when you wear them. So, it’s better to use less detergent. 


  • Overloading the dryer: Going overcapacity while drying your clothes can reduce the efficiency of cleaning. The dryers need air to dry the clothes appropriately. If you overstuff them, you are causing them to work stiffer. It can reduce their life spans and cost you more money in utility bills. 


  • Not cleaning up the dryer: If the dryer is not cleaned correctly, then it acquires a longer time to dry a load. It is because not cleaning up your dryer regularly leads to lint and conditioner upsurge in the tube or duct. Do you know what the most critical thing is? It can turn out to be a fire hazard. Hence, it becomes crucial to take away the vent and clean it regularly. 


  • Washing a garment having dry clean label: Well, this is one of the silliest mistakes that you may do without looking at the garment’s labels. Such clothes can include natural fibers like silks, linen, and many more. It’s crucial to initially check for colorfastness and stick with dry cleaning for certain categories like blazers, suede, leather, and whatever thing with embellishments.


  • Forgetting zipping zippers: Whether its hooks, zippers, or other stuff with zips, it’s vital first to zip them and then go for their washing. It is because leaving them unzipped can damage other clothes that you are washing along with them. 


  • Scrubbing stains more than required: Do you think aggressively scrubbing the stains can help you to get out of tough marks from clothes? Sorry, but it’s just your misconception. It is because over scrubbing can damage your cloth fabric by causing it to weaken. Additionally, it can also spread the stain, which makes it tough to remove. So, it’s better to avoid over scrubbing. 


Make sure, you have used a good detergent for washing your clothes. People try following different myths, and eventually, it will let them lose their cloth shine and results in no more life. So, hire the best  laundry services  of Dhobilite for cloth washing in your budget. 

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