Common Hazards to Keep Watch of While Working withScaffolding

by Larry Chetan Business

With the growth and expansion of the scaffolding industry, construction has already made long strides. With many companies also coming up with scaffolding rental services, it’s apparent it’s an industry making it big. With that, however, the hazards associated with the use of scaffolding systems cannot be ignored.

The number one hazard people should look out for is the improper erection of the platform. This one goes without saying that anything done haphazardly cannot stand the test of time. Anything that always needs fixing after some hours of usage should be replaced and reliable ones fixed. If such checks are not done, the implications that would follow would be hard for the contractor, project manager, or owner to stomach.

The other issue usually happens when project managers and owners of projects want to save on money by reducing the workforce. It won't be a surprise to see them fixing and erecting the scaffolding platforms oblivious of the manufacturers’ instructions that they should be erected by qualified personnel. In the end, the systems end up with faults that qualified personnel would have identified and dealt with.

The other hazard is workers falling which is the most common risk. With many cases that have been documented over the recent years, it cannot be ignored and let it pass as a natural occurrence. Even though some accidents may occur beyond the control of the workers, the people concerned with the management of the platforms need to have done enough to prevent unforeseen accidents. Better yet, engaging qualified scaffolding rental VT people would help avoid such risks.

Another case to be pointed out is the issue of bad planking. It is a highly rated risk and is associated with platforms that have been erected poorly or by unqualified personnel. Since the point person may want to save on the budget, they may decide to erect the scaffold systems by themselves. This is a hazardous risk since they might end up with bad planking and risk the lives of the workers using them.

Also, there have been cases of electrocution in construction sites for long. This usually happens if people work close to power cables or the materials they are using gets into contact with them and the cables at the same time.

In addition, an electrocution risk may occur if the scaffolding platforms come into contact with open power lines. This may happen if the power lines are too near or are swayed towards the workers by strong winds. Here the results can be unimaginable with the worst being the loss of lives. However, it can be avoided by ensuring the systems are erected within the recommended distance from the power lines.

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