Common faults and analysis of generator voltage transformer

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

1) The insulation between iron chips is damaged. Fault phenomenon: temperature rises during operation. The possible causes of the failure are: poor insulation between iron chips, bad use of environmental conditions or long-term operation under high temperature, which promote the insulation aging between iron chips.

(2) Poor contact between grounding plate and iron core. Fault phenomenon: there is discharge sound between iron core and oil tank during operation. Cause of failure: the grounding plate is not inserted tightly, and the mounting screw is not tightened.

(3) The iron core is loose. Fault phenomenon: abnormal vibration or noise during operation. The cause of failure: the iron core clamp is not clamped, and the iron chip is loose.

(4) Turn to turn short circuit of winding. Fault phenomenon: during operation, the temperature rises, there is sound of discharge, the high-voltage fuse is blown, and the indication of the secondary side voltmeter is unstable, varying from high to low. Causes of failure: system over-voltage, long-term overload operation, insulation aging, poor manufacturing process.

(5) The winding is broken. Fault phenomenon: during operation, arc may be generated at the broken line, with discharge sound, and the voltmeter indication of broken line phase is reduced or zero. Causes of the fault: poor welding process, insufficient mechanical strength or unqualified outgoing line, resulting in broken winding lead.

(6) Insulation breakdown of winding to ground. Fault phenomenon: the fuse on the high voltage side is continuously fusing, and there may be discharge sound. Causes of failure: winding insulation aging or conductive impurities in the winding, insulation oil moisture, overvoltage breakdown, serious oil shortage, etc.

(7) Short circuit between windings. Fault phenomenon: high voltage side fuse is blown, oil temperature increases sharply, and even fuel injection smoke phenomenon. Causes: winding insulation aging, insulation oil moisture, serious oil shortage.

(8) Discharge flashover between bushing. Fault phenomenon: high voltage side fuse is blown, bushing flashover discharge. Causes of failure: the casing is mechanically damaged by external force, foreign matters or small animals enter between the casings, the casing is seriously polluted and the insulation is poor.

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