Combining Treatments is the Best Non-Surgical approach to Hair Loss

by malika iman Trichologist

Non-surgical therapies are very helpful in the treatment of hair loss. After numerous studies and researches, it has been finally found that combining treatments is the best nonsurgical approach to treat hair loss.

By combining PRP therapy with ACell therapy, patients are able to see more effective results than using a single hair loss therapy.

Goals of PRP/ACell Therapy:

  • It will help you to have a fuller and denser head of hair
  • Combination of PRP/ACell Therapy helps to give you a youthful and enhanced look.
  • The goal of PRP/ACell Therapy is also to provide the long lasting and realistic results that need zero maintenance
  • Maximum hair density without causing side effects like scarring, irritation, soreness and inflammation.

PRP Therapy:

PRP is extracted from your own blood and then it’s injected into your recipient area or to the area which needs a treatment. It will help in your hair regrowth when injected into the scalp.

PRP therapy contains red or white blood cells. But it also contains a high concentration of platelets which help in stopping hair loss.

How does PRP Therapy Work?

PRP present in your body has growth factors. It can help in the stimulation of your natural hair regrowth. By conveying the platelet-derived growth factors to your recipient areas.

Either you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. PRP treatment can help you in both cases as it encourages the growth of new healthy hair and also helps in the thickening of already thin hair.

ACell Therapy:

  • ACell therapy will help in healing your damaged tissues for a healthy scalp.
  • ACell therapy comes in to further enhance the results of PRP therapy. Combining ACell with highly concentrated PRP helps to improve, increase and stimulate hair growth.
  • The genetic effects of decreased stem cell activity are reduced by the injections on the scalp with ACell + PRP therapy.

The Trichologist said that:

A single therapy is sometimes not enough or doesn't show expected results for Victims of hair thinning or hair loss.

Instead, getting a combined hair loss treatment is more effective and better in re-growing your hair. Because the more compound and nutrient-rich therapies with growth factors you get the better results you will have.

ACell + PRP Therapy vs. a PRP Therapy Alone:

  • The combination of ACell + PRP therapy helps to fight against hair loss and prevents further hair loss problems.
  • ACell combined with PRP therapy is more effective, lasts much longer than PRP therapy alone. The addition of the ACell can improve the results.
  • Investing in an ACell + PRP therapy from the beginning would actually save your money over the long time period because fewer injection procedures are required in the long run.

ACell + PRP Therapy Procedure:

  • Step 1: Extraction of Blood:

The blood of an individual is extracted with the help of an injection.

  • Step 2: Separation of RBCs:

Blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells from plasma.

  • Step 3: Combination of Both Therapies:
  • ACell therapy is injected along with nutrient dense plasma and both the mixtures are combined together.
  • Step 4: Administration of Local Anaesthesia:

The therapy is performed under local anaesthesia for a painless procedure.

  • Step 5: ACell and PRP Injections:

ACell/PRP injections are injected in scalp at different angles with the help of micro needles.

Seek a Specialist Advice:

If you are among victims of hair loss or hair thinning, then instead of wasting more time. It’s a very good idea to seek a professional help.

Consultation with the Trichologist at the Hair Transplant Centre:

Visit a trichologist at the hair transplant centre. He will first examine your scalp then he will tell you that which factor has contributed in causing your hair loss.

Afterwards, he may recommend you to get an ACell PRP therapy for hair loss from the hair Transplant Center.

The trichologist will recommend you to get a combination of ACell and PRP therapy due to several benefits, including:

Benefits of PRP/ACell Therapy:

  • An advanced non-surgical hair loss therapies.
  • Autologous, extracted from the patient's own blood
  • Consumes less time in the procedure
  • Requires a small sample of blood
  • Complete recovery of wounds in almost 3-6 months.

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