Combat Stress With These Mind Relaxing Games

by Alexa Is McAfee Cloud

In the rapidly moving fast-paced world, anxiety and stress are common words on mouths. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a homemaker, stress never has any mercy on you. Frustrating are those moments when stress occupies all of you. While the phone screens are often cursed for the stress, devoting at least 15-20 minutes on the screens in the right way can reduce your mental burden. How?

 Yes, video games. Researchers have suggested that some games are actually so satisfying to play that they reduce the stress levels. Not only are they the perfect stress busters for our work breaks, but they also help you keep busy. When you hold a negative thought in mind for a long time and keep on thinking about it, that’s called overthinking. Sometimes, the sole reason for stress is overthinking. While it is hard to deviate the mind to think about something positive at such times, video games can actually help you to stop the negative loop of thoughts. They have the power to capture all of your attention. This way, you forget all the negativities of your life, at least for some time.

Severe mental disorders like PTSD and APD can be cured simply by playing video games. Unlike other mind relaxing techniques that require setup and a lot of time, the practice of playing games can be done anywhere, by just using your mobile phones. The idea here is not to make high scores, but to relax your mind and stop the ongoing negative chanter in your head. The following are some games that can help you deal with anxiety and relax for a while. Read on.

  • Escape Room

Escape the world of stress with Escape Room. The game not only helps you combat stress but also lets you spend some time with your special ones. The very first step requires you to create a gang. The main target of the game is to escape the room within 60 minutes. Face hurdles, encounter adventurous twists and turns, and solve the craziest puzzles with your teammates. Get immersed in the game for 60 long minutes as you try to come out as a winner. Bonus Tip- Spice up your boring traveling time while playing this one with your mates. Once you start playing it, you just can’t take your eyes and attention off, even for a second. Enjoy the thrill at its best with Escape Room.

  • Breath Of Light

If the name of the game gives you positive vibes, then you must download it. Are you tired of your monotonous regular schedule? Spice it up by thinking out of the box with Breath Of Life. It is a game based on self-discovery, something that everyone facing anxiety disorders must do. The best part of the game is that it doesn’t have any time constraints so that one can play the game at a calm pace. It is nothing but a first-person puzzle game that will soothe your senses. It is recommended to use headphones so that you can enjoy the calming background music to the best.

  • Scrabble

Is your poor vocabulary the reason for your stress? If yes, then you need to download Scrabble right away. Scrabble is not new to most of us, as it is a top-rated board game. The main aim of the game is to create English words with the letters you are provided. The better the words, the more scores you will get. It is a fun game through which you can improve your limited vocabulary. This game won’t make your heartbeat rush, unlike other thrilling games that increase your stress levels. It will merely teach you new English words in the most soothing ways possible. Children must play this game, as it will help them learn every day.

  • Neko Atsume

Pets are your friends in stress. They help you feel lively in the gloomiest of times. If you are a kitty lover, then this game is just for you. Put some food and toys for the cute kitties. When the kitties get happy with your service, they will give you fish money. This is a dream game for people who love the tiny cats, as all they have to do in the game is collect as many cats as possible. You get to see a variety of common and rare cats, and you present them with the best of food and toys you have. Every time you launch the game, you will see something new coming your way. After playing the game for a while, you actually forget your daily troubles. You imagine yourself in a land of cute little kittens everywhere.

  • Prune

Nature is the ultimate stress buster. Many experts have suggested people with anxiety spend some time in the natural beauty and indulge in activities that help the environment. With Prune, you get to do precisely the same. It enables you to grow saplings and trees. A Bonsai is there to help you out. Simply cut a branch of the Bonsai, and use it to plant a tree. Make sure your plants get enough sunlight. This game not only helps players to relax, but it also instills an affectionate feeling for nature. The purpose of the game is to support the growth of more and more trees in nature. With a social message attached to the gameplay, this game undoubtedly stands out of the crowd. When was the last time you planted a tree?

  • Alto’s Adventures

Are you frustrated with your regular rush? Jump into adventure with Alto’s Adventures. The objective of the game is to add some fun to your life. Do some warm-up for this cardio game that asks you to run and jump. The zen mode eliminates all the distractions, making it the perfect stress-busting match for your office lunch breaks. Run, run, and run!

The Final Note

The race to be the high scorer in a game is much easier than the race in life. Sometimes, life throws lemons at you and fills your life with sadness. The key is not to freak out and reward yourself with some leisure time. Games have always enchanted humans and can act as a great stress reliever if the right ones are played. Bring out the child in you that screamed “Yippee” after every high score. Life is meant to be lived, and what’s wrong if games tell you the ways to live it? 

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