Colours Affect Your Mood, So Keep These 7 Tips in Mind

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What if your world was to be black and white? Absolutely devoid of colours? In fact, what if you lived in a universe, where the term “colours” never existed?

Sounds preposterous, right?

None of us can imagine a world without colours, because they play a paramount role in shaping the way we see things. For instance, you would never look at a rose with a sentiment of romance in your eyes, if it wouldn’t be a breath-taking shade of red. For that matter, living within the space of your home sweet home, would become difficult, if not absolutely impossible, if your house wasn’t a world of vibrantly colourful walls.

Or is it not?

Hopefully, you live in an apartment, which is perfectly colour coordinated, as per your fancy. However, if you’re the kind of person who has never delved into the space of home-decoration-for-good-vibes, then we’re here to help.

Colours affect your mood. Perhaps you’re a little unsure about this fact, but trust us, they do. The colour of your daughter’s bedroom could very well contour the way she acknowledges her life, or you (her parent). Hence, mentioned below are the 7 colour tips that must be kept in mind, whenever you’re going through a home renovation/decoration spree.

And it was called “Yellow”.

The colour “yellow” looks and feels like a ray of sunshine, ready to fork through the windows of your apartment and turn your home into a much brighter, livelier space. You could induce a feeling of cheerfulness in your mood, by painting the walls of your kitchen yellow. Also, your kitchen should be a happening place by design, because that is where all the food is cooked. The more happening the kitchen is, the more delicious your meals will be.

Yellow is the shade of energy. So, go ahead and sprinkle some energy in your kitchen.

Shades of “Green”

Obviously, “green” signifies nature, and if you’re into flora and environment, then green is the ultimate colour for your living space. Nonetheless, did you know that the colour green also signifies prosperity and wealth? Green is the colour of money, and if you have an official space in your apartment, then you could probably paint it a mellow shade of green for a continuous flow of success and hard work.

Who knows? One second you’re painting the walls of your house-office green, and the next, you’re asking your personal assistant to book you a business class flight to Paris, for some recreational wine and cheese.

Wrapped in “Red”

The fact that the colour “red” is symbolic to ardency and passion is rather apparent. Also, red radiates a regal aura from itself, and looks utterly pleasing and festive to the eye. Therefore, you might want to paint the walls of that room/ area red in your house, which is constantly surrounded with guests. After all, social rooms are meant to be shown off, at the same time as you relax in them. 

Alright, it’s White!

White denotes simplicity. If you’re a minimalistic person, then painting the walls white is your best bet. The colour white exudes calmness, and you can meditate better in a white space. However, beware the fact that white gets dirty, easier than the other colours. This colour definitely inculcates the feeling of fear within people, and once something white gets dirty, it becomes sort of difficult to clean.

The solution is to paint white the ceilings of your house. It would give you the illusion of your house being more spacious, and infuse an emotion of placidity within your psyche, every time your head tips up.

How “Blue” is the Wall

Have you ever heard of people relating the colour “blue” to deep emotions? Or heard people saying that they’re feeling blue? That might be because the colour blue represents the times when you don’t want to bounce around the room enthusiastically. Blue incites mellowness within a person, and therefore, the idea of painting the walls of your bedroom into a gorgeous shade of blue might not be a bad idea.

The “Purple” Lagoon

Purple means a lot of things; this colour is a tribute to freedom, vigour, luxury and romance, all at the same time. Usually, people with a flair for creativity tend to have a liking for the colour purple. Your bedroom, or your daughter’s bedroom could use some purple in it, possibly. If your personality is soft like a marshmallow, then nothing could emanate a better reflection of your personality, than purple.

Plus, purple is totally bohemian, a fashion statement that is rather trending these days, all over the social media. Make the most of that pretty purple bedroom now!

ATouch of “Pink”

How do you feel when looking at a pink wall? Certainly not violent, right?

The colour “pink” embodies softness. For a person who always feels blinded with rage and persistent agitation, we believe that the colour, pink would be a tool to encourage serenity and stability. Pink stands for positivity, and it would be amazing if your bedroom’s or the living room’s walls got the pink colour painted all over them.


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