Cigar Humidifier: What Is a Cigar Humidifier?

by Rob Davis Content writer
Many of you who are new to the cigar revolution may be wondering if you should buy a cigar moisturizer while breathing. "I had to buy a lighter load." It is enough that 9 out of 10 cigarette lovers probably spit in the humidor. And, of course, nine out of ten dentists would probably agree.

That is, cigars adapt to the environment, absorbing them like a sponge. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path, frustrating both their parents and the person who bought them. But, on the other hand, cigars will be placed in the right environment, they will age, will be suitable for even the most experienced connoisseurs.

Those who have not yet bought Large Humidors to call cigars "home" may be confused about what a humidity meter is and whether they should be bought. They can be confusing because there are so many types of brands, each of which requires the tobacco to age. However, they are actually quite simple. Ror is like a box or a room with constant humidity. This is basically a version of the Florida cigar.

While many tobacco stores have room-sized humidifiers, the humidity cabinet, where customers can purchase cigars when buying a humidifier for personal use, does not necessarily have to be comparable in size. There is no need to turn your living room into a living room, change your bedding և make your wife angry. A small box of wood or glass humidifiers will suffice, and dozens of cigars will suffice to maintain the perfect temperature, helping to mature gently.

All humidity meters have humidity meters, a device used to monitor the humidity level. This helps cigar lovers keep their humidifiers at an ideal humidity of 65 to 70 percent. When the humidity in the humidity meter drops below or below that level, the hygrometer will tell you as if it were tapping you on the shoulder with heat. Ideally, it is best to fill the humidor as much as possible by packing cigarettes on top, the more empty space, the more likely it is that the humidity will drop. And most importantly, the more empty space, the fewer cigars in your collection.

Humidifiers are made of wood, which is especially suitable for aging cigarettes; it's like a wrinkle cream for the tobacco world. Made of Spanish wood, this wood absorbs more moisture, transmits its magnetic odor to cigars, shakes tobacco beetles, small tobacco-containing insects, potentially destroys cigar collections, and gives the insect world its flawless splendor.

After buying a humidor, it should be ready before use; Delivering cigars early will waste time և cigarettes. To prepare the humidor, take a damp cloth or towel and clean the inside. Then put a small bowl of water inside the regulator, leave it there for 12 hours, closing the humidifier lid. After 12 hours, if most of the water has evaporated, fill another container with water and keep it in a damp room for 24 hours. When the water stops evaporating, your dryer is ready to use. Simply put, when his steward is no longer thirsty, give him a cigar.

Be sure to check the humidor every few days to make sure it does not need to be recharged. If you live in an extremely hot climate, you may need to check your air conditioner more often to make sure the water has not completely evaporated or that your released dog has not been drinking out of desperate thirst. For filling, use only distilled water or half distilled water and half propylene glycol.

Humidifiers are necessary for a good collection of cigars. They not only preserve fresh canned cigars, but also improve their essence. Having a set of cigarettes instead of a humidor can be compared to having a classic car in the garage, where any element of air can collide. Many true connoisseurs and beginners, hoping to become a connoisseur, advocate the use of a tutor. If you do not use them, cigars can deteriorate, or if they are not used, you will approach real luxury. Closed, but no cigars.

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