Chronic Back Pain Relief through Acupuncture Therapy

by Dr. Attilio D'Alberto Acupuncture & Fertility Expert in London

Suffering from chronic pain in the lower back area is common for people of different age group. At some point in life, a person will definitely suffer from pain in the lower back region of the body. There are treatments available but most of them fail to provide the correct impact. Chinese medicinal therapy can well be a great option to deal with chronic pain. In fact, several research works have provided positive output in regards to such treatment options to provide relief in chronic low back pain. 

The role of Chinese medicine in curing pain the lower back region 

Traditional Chinese medicine primarily involves the use of super thin needles and inserting them into certain areas of the body. As per the theory, there are nearly 2000 points in the body where the needles can be inserted. Each of these points is connected by meridians or pathways that help in creating a certain flow of energy commonly referred to as QI. It is also said that if these points are stimulated properly, the imbalances in the QI can be resolved, thus resulting in a proper flow of energy. This, as a result, helps in relieving pain in the lower back region, thus improving overall health.  

The most effective Chinese Therapy 

Acupuncture is considered to be the most effective Chinese Therapy available. It works through stimulation of the nervous system. It helps in triggering the release of chemicals into spinal cord, brain, and muscles. The chemicals plays a strong role in altering the experience of pain and also results in producing bodily changes that promote a certain sense of well being. There are also certain other theories that suggest that this treatment works by speeding the relay of certain electromagnetic signals, resulting in flowing of pain-killing chemicals like endorphins. It may also result in releasing immune system cells in the body. It will also result in triggering the release of natural Opioid chemicals in the brain that promotes sleep and also helps in lessening the pain.  This process also changes the brain chemistry by altering the release of neurohormones and neurotransmitters. Keep in mind, neurotransmitters can either dampen or stimulate the nerve impulses. Similarly, the neurohormones can affect the activity and functional aspects of the organs in a body.  

Risks and side effects 

If done by a professional and experienced acupuncturist, the treatment is considered risk free and comes with minimal side effects. The procedure is usually considered safe and painless. However, you must make sure that the procedure is carried out by an expert professional. Look for a reputed clinic for getting the treatment done.

The doctor will recommend certain thing that needs to be followed prior to the treatment and also while the process is going on. Also, the professional will have a closer look at your medical history before suggesting the best treatment for back pain through this therapy. You must be honest with everything that the doctor asks or else, the correct treatment may not be availed.

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