Choosing the Proper Bubble Wrap for Packaging

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Whether you’re shifting to a new residence or simply shipping something important, you’ll probably end up buying a bubble wrap at some point in your life. It is one of the highly used packaging materials. You will find a wide range of bubble wrap available in the market in varied sizes, grades and types according to the particular task or purpose it has to be used for. You can conveniently purchase this packaging material online. 

What is bubble wrap exactly?

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material which is used to pack fragile items. It has evenly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) that provide cushioning specifically designed to protect fragile items from damaging or breaking. Packaging products and other different kinds of fragile packaging supplies have been made very easy only because of this packaging material. The invention of bubble wrap is indeed the simplest yet the most significant invention in packaging. 

How does bubble wrap work?

The bubbles that give the cushioning effect to the fragile or sensitive objects are often available in different sizes depending on the size of the object. Thus, it makes the level of cushioning protection different. Multiple layers may be required to provide shock and vibration isolation. A single layer is probably used just as a surface protective layer. Bubble wrap is used to create some types of mailing envelopes.

Different types of Bubble wraps

       High-Grade Bubble Wrap – High grade also known as the strong grade is made with stronger plastics that don't ‘pop’ easily. This grade must be used when you are wrapping heavy items or at times when there is the significant potential of the item being dropped. The stronger bubbles will help keep the cushioning in place. 

       General Bubble Wrap – The most commonly used option is the general or multi-purpose bubble wrap. This is created with a medium weight plastic which is strong enough to tolerate any mishap or shipping accidents. There are a wide majority of items that can be protected from small issues by this kind of wrap. 

       Limited or Low-Grade Bubble Wrap – Low-grade bubble wrap provides the least measure of protection. It is mainly used to avoid scratches or other superficial damage while moving, as it can absorb shock if a product is dropped or other products shift or slam against it. However, you must not rely on this for padding. 

       Anti-Static Bubble Wrap – Anti-static bubble wrap is designed to protect electronic items and is available in many grades. This alternative should be used when wrapping electronics like cell phones, computers, or televisions. 

       FDA Grade Bubble Wrap – This option is created for food items that need protection from the shifting and vibrating of bumpy roads when in transit. It is generally used when transporting things like chocolate, fresh fruit, eggs, etc. 

       Temperature Controlled Bubble Wrap – This kind of bubble wrap is made with a particular type of cellular insulation to help maintain the temperature of what is being shipped. This protects the product from extreme temperature fluctuations and drastic temperature modifications. 

Nowadays, branded packaging materials are easily available online and so is bubble wrap. You can buy this online with much ease.

Bubble wraps, Bubble Rolls and Corrugated Rolls are most often formed from polyethylene (LDPE) film which has a shaped side bonded to a flat side to form air bubbles. 

Other things to remember

If you have products that need branded packaging such as extremely delicate, fragile items then wrap your items with super small or small bubble wrap or you can put the product into a pouch made from the small bubble.
For additional protection wrap the item with several layers of bubble and tape it right into place.  Always make sure to wrap the top of the bubbles against your item for best protection. For less fragile items you can use medium bubble wrap. Again, wrap the bubble cap against the item for maximum protection.

Great tips for bubble wrap users
Large Bubble wrap, Bubble Roll and Corrugated Rolls are very economical for filling up void space inside a box.  It is cost effective.Often the best protection is received by using more than one size of bubble wrap.  For instance, you may first wrap a small, fragile item with a small bubble wrap then fill the void inside the box with large bubble wrap. 

PRO TIP: For highest protection, place the actual bubble directly against your item instead of placing it against the flat surface of the wrap. 

Finally, remember that bubble wrap is not the best product if your items need scratch protection in the first place.  If you need scratch protection, then lighter gauge packaging foam should be best for you.  For fragile items that also need scratch protection, you can opt for a thicker packaging foam that will give the item both scratch protection and cushioning effect.

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