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Are you a garden lover? Do you want to grow organic food on your own? If you are bothering about the unfertilized and rocky soil in your area, it will amaze you to know that there is a highly productive method to grow crops organically. It is hydroponic gardening. In hydroponics, plants do not need soil. Instead of soil, plants grow in water-based mediums or other growing mediums like rock wool, coir, coco peat, hydro clay, perlite, and others. In urban areas, agriculture is quite difficult because of insufficient space. Where space is a considerable factor for farming, this system is applicable enormously by gardeners.

Role of Hydroponic Nutrients

Plants need some conditions to make their food. These conditions are a sufficient amount of light, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, and others. Plants, grown in soil, absorb nutrients from the soil and make their food using those nutrients. As soil is absent in hydroponic systems, gardeners need to provide nutrients in a different way. Nutrient solutions that are used in hydroponic systems are called hydroponic nutrients. These nutrient solutions are prepared specially to cater to the need of your garden. Most nutrients are mixed and dissolved in water before use on plants.

Choosing the Right Nutrients

Using the wrong proportion of nutrients leads to malnutrition in your plants and garden. It significantly affects the growth and productivity of plants. Here is a guide on how you choose the right nutrients in your situation:

1.     Different commercial nutrient formulations are available in the market. While some offer better smelling and more flowers or plants that produce much faster, some help your plants to get a strong root system. The type of hydroponic nutrients depends immensely on what you want to grow and what your priorities are. If you plan for growing some green plants faster, the nutrients will not be the same that encourage the growth of tomato production.

2.     Another important factor that influences your buying decision is the cost of the hydroponic nutrient Sydney. Not all brands have the same price, but some are pretty expensive for your garden. Price is not the only factor to determine what products you choose, but it depends mostly on depends on the quality. Poor quality nutrients do not meet your expectation regarding production. Better you set a budget based on what you can afford and find out what hydroponic supplies you can buy within your price range. From a range of hydroponic nutrients offered by different online merchants, you can buy as per your choice and budget.

3.     Do not forget to check the pH level of the solutions you choose. If the chosen nutrients are too acidic or alkaline, they make a lot of damage to your garden. More alkaline solutions may prevent your plants from absorbing all the essential nutrients, while acidic solutions can damage the roots.

4.     Simply mix up your hydroponic solutions with water in the right proportion. Check the pH levels seldom. If you like your garden to grow healthy, you need to observe it regularly. Monitoring is immensely significant to notice whether the applied nutrients work properly for improving the growth of plants or plants need something different for optimal production and growth.

5.     Enhance the value of hydroponic nutrients by providing growth supplements at some stages of plant growth. Cyco Platinum Series offers growth supplements with vitamins and hormones to give plants extra boosts during the flowering stage.

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