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by Ankita Mathur Medical Consultant

Overview of Leukemia Treatment

When bone marrow starts producing immature white cells, there is the possibility that the central part of bones start getting cavities which leads to leukemia. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are produced in bone marrow. Red cells carry oxygen to all the parts of the body, white cells fight with diseases and platelets make the blood clot. When body produces abnormal white cells, the person may get leukemia.

Different people can suffer with different types of leukemia so the treatment also depends on the type of leukemia a person may get and as per his/her health and age. Since medical science is progressing in every field, there are chances of 100% recovery from leukemia these days. The main treatment for leukemia is chemotherapy which is tailored according to the health situation of the patient. Remission chances are higher if the problem is diagnosed and treated early. Treatment for leukemia may include interferon therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell-transplantation, and surgery.

Why Leukemia Treatment is Needed?

Leukemia is a hazardous disease which needs to be tackled or the survival of the patient is difficult. The immediate objective of the treatment is to control the problem so that no more cancerous cells are produced in the body and bone marrow also shows normal. During treatment, the patient has to go through various medicines and therapies such as chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. In case the problem is acute, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for longer time but the main goal is to eliminate the problem so that patient can lead a normal life. 

Top Surgeon for Leukemia Treatment in India

You will find top most doctors to in all the top hospitals for leukemia. Dr. Hari Krishan is the best surgeon for leukemia treatment and is the founder of Cancer healer Center. His son Dr. Tarang Krishna is also a very popular cancer doctor. Both of them are working for the betterment of patients and try their best to give relief to the patient if the problem has reached advanced stages. 

Best Leukemia Treatment Hospitals in India

There are a big number of quality hospitals that treat leukemia and all of them are well equipped with modern technology to treat cancer. There are world class doctors and efficient, well educated staff who take utmost care of the patient. They not only treat the problem but also boost a patient’s mental strength.

Although all the major cities of India have good hospitals to treat leukemia, Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai is the best hospital for leukemia treatment. This hospital is known for its advanced treatment techniques in the departments of radiology and chemotherapy. There is also research center which continuously researches on more advanced treatment procedures. The Preventive Oncology Department of this hospital tries its best for the early detection of leukemia.

P.D. Hinduja Hospital is the other hospital in Mumbai which is offering best services in the field of medical since 1950. There is separate oncology department which has qualified team of doctors and the hospital has operation theaters with all the advanced equipment.

Precautions after Leukemia Treatment and How to get Appointment

The main precaution after leukemia treatment is to save the patient from getting infection. This is the commonest thing found in cancer patients even after treatment. In order to keep yourself infection free, you should wash your hands frequently and for that you must use only alcohol gel.

If you want an appointment with any of the cancer doctors, Consult with Indian Med Guru Consultant The company arranges the best and affordable packages as per the patient’s ability. It also provides additional services like Visa arrangement ,air ticket and hotel stay to the international patients.

For More Information send your detailed medical history and medical reports as email attachment at : Or Number for Fast track Query Reply : +91-9370586696/+91-9371136499

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