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In today’s customer-centric market, you can never make the mistake of ignoring customer opinion. But how do you measure customer satisfaction or sentiment? How can you capture the right reviews that help your business grow? Here are some exciting tools offered in this regard.

Email Signature Feedback with Smiley Face

What can an email do to uplift your business? Attaching smileys as part of an email signature work as an efficient customer feedback tool. These satisfaction smiley faces range from ‘extremely satisfied’ to ‘extremely dissatisfied’. You can send out an email containing smileys to the customer requesting feedback on staff, a transaction or the business as a whole.

All the customer has to do is, click on the appropriate smiley that best defines their experience with your business. This ratingand any comment is immediately sent to you, and you can track all the data and your responses using a private dashboard. 

Now, imagine the wonders of how immediate, authenticate feedback can provide your business! You will be instantly notified of issues and so allows you take corrective actions. Quicker resolution of problems can help your brand build trust and reputation with customers. You can save your business from customer defection and improve business performance.

Satisfaction smiley faces allow you to assign tasks to your staff and monitor the work progress until completion. What’s more, smiley faces are much interesting than traditional survey systems. They consume very little time and Generally receive a higher response rate than traditional formats.


Would you relish the experience of using an unclean restroom? Certainly not! Now, why would your customers want to return to your business if they encounter an dirty restroom? The FlushCheck program can help you solve such restroom management problems with ease. 

This tool offers instant and precise feedback about the state of your company’s restrooms. Your guests can send an anonymous text or scan the given QR code about an issue in the restrooms. They may even attach a photo. Your staff will immediately receive an alert about this issue through a text or an email. 

You can then track the problem’s status and thank your guest for prompt feedback. FlushCheck lets you say goodbye to manual checklists and have clean, functioning restrooms. Digitizing your restroom management helps you save maintenance costs, maintain brand equity, and increase guest satisfaction. 

Tell Us Today

This customer feedback system is an efficient and simple chat and feedback by SMS. Most businesses face customer defection because they fail to recognize the issue on time. Furthermore, some businessesbusinesses  collect feedback inputs but do not take actions to resolve the issue. 

Resorting to the traditional email surveys or comment cards are merely fruitless. The solution lies in open-ended customer feedback and chat. This tool delivers instant customer feedback via SMS. Your staff will be alerted to the issue and can take steps to fix the problem, even chat with the customer.

All feedback is  ticketed and are tracked until completion. This interactive feedback tool lets your business connect with the customers directly. Your business will not suffer unhappy customers and can improve its operations significantly. ‘’Tell Us Today’’ can be used for any facility like parks, colleges, retail, government, and clinics. 

Icon Feedback for Tablets and Email

Most businesses do not receive correct customer feedback because their surveys are monotonous and disinteresting to the customers. Remember that not all your customers will have the time to respond to your feedback request. So, it is vital that you make the right, first impression on your customer. You can do it by using the unique icon customer feedback system. 

Using modest graphics in your survey simplifies your purpose of obtaining customer feedback. Icon-based feedback is a one-touch, one-question system. It allows customers to deliver their inputs through an email or web device like a kiosk or tablet. A click on the icon takes less than five seconds. You will receive instant feedback on your dashboard and helps you track problematic areas in your business.
Obtaining feedback from customers is, indeed, a challenging task. You will need the right tools and techniques for extracting opinions that matter to your business. Using the right customer feedback tool will provide you with invaluable client input and assist  in business improvement.

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