Characteristics of Good Building Stones

by Pooja Late so cut

The work of construction is not limited to just looking for the best cement or finding the perfect cement products. In fact, when you are constructing a building one of the key things that you need to look into our good building stone. While there are plenty of building stones that can be used for construction, not all of them can satisfy the requirements. When you are committed to constructing a building you have to make sure that the strength and durability is compatible long with the ease of dressing. The site engineers are therefore required to look into the properties that would make the best possible use for specific work, and then select the stone.


When constructing a building therefore, make sure that the stone has the following qualities:



When the priority is appearance, then building stones that would be used for the face work needs to have fine, compact texture. Light coloured stone is mostly preferred as dark ones tend to fade out with time. However, these should not have clay holes, bands or spots of colour.



The stone’s structure should not appear to be broken to the naked eye. Stratifications should not be visible when seeing it. The broken stone should also not look dull in appearance and the texture should have uniformity. There should also not be cavities, cracks or patches of loose or soft material. 



The stone that you choose should be able to stand all kinds of weather. Especially in construction, where the stone will be working in a multiple of atmosphere it is important that the strength is tested of the material as well.


Specific gravity:

The specific gravity of Building stone is directly proportional to its weight and strength. Therefore depending on the construction you are building, the correct stone ought to be used in order to make it sturdy and able to withstand the pull of gravity.



The abrasive forces of nature are going to weather away the stones with time. Therefore, it is important to find the perfect match that would be ideal for the weather that would have the construction.



The stones should have good weathering properties and must be used only in the construction of important buildings. The face of the stone resists the action of the weather, and that is why it is important find the perfect stone for the job.



If the cutting, dressing and shaping is considered economical and easy to conduct on the wok, then the stones are said to be workable.


Fire Resistance:

Building stones should be devoid of calcium carbonate, oxides of iron, minerals that have different coefficients of thermal expansion. So it is important to find the stone that would be highly fire resistant in order to carry out your job.


In as much, these are some of the points one needs to keep in mind while looking for a good building stone.


Author’s Bio: Jessica Behl writes about the cement products characteristics of good building stones in this article. 

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