CBD Kills Stress: Know How It Helps To Reduce Stress

by Sadie J. Blogger

It is challenging to quantify stress. When we are stressed, it can result in the release of hormones and chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. Stress can manifest itself physically in the human body in a number of different ways – the worsening of previous conditions, anxiety, IBS, headaches, nausea, upset stomach, problems sleeping, weight gain or loss, rises in blood pressure, and low sex drive. Stress comes as a result of the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ reflexes. This means that when it feels that it is being attacked, it will either try and defend itself or flee from the situation, and it is these mechanisms which can result in health problems.

These health problems are not good for us in the short term, but especially in the long term. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that cultures are going to be able to change quickly in a way that reduces stress levels for its population, and so it looks like lowering stress levels is down to us personally.

Reducing Stress

The main ways that we can reduce stress in our lives is by either eliminating the issue that is causing stress or by taking a break from a situation. This means that if there is something specific that is making you stressed out, trying to deal with it and ‘ticked off the list’ will give you relief. However, if your stress is closely linked to your everyday life, things can be more difficult to deal with.

Maybe you have a stressful job, have a stressful commute to work or a stressful family life. Everybody has their own ways of lowering stress levels, including exercise, art, going out with friends, writing things down, and laughing.

Another possible way to reduce stress is by taking CBD oil.

CBD Oil for Stress Relief?

We have all seen the films about stoners who are so laid back they’re lying down. They seem to walk around without a care in the world, finding everything hilarious. Well, one of the reasons why they act like this is because there are some compounds in the cannabis plant, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

CBD is one of those compounds – but, unlike the compound THC – it won’t make you high. Instead,

CBD oil will give you a ton of other health benefits as well as being able to reduce stress. Taking CBD isn’t going to turn you into a drug addict, layabout, or giggle at things that aren’t funny. In fact, what CBD can do is enhance your life and make you healthier.

How does CBD oil work for stress?

Although there has been anecdotal evidence for years about how CBD oil can help to lower stress levels, more research is still needed to be able to explain it in humans scientifically. Scientific research has only really been carried out properly since the 1990s with regards to the effect of different cannabis compounds on our bodies. 

A 2011 study by the Department of Neurosciences and Behaviour at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, for example, looked at blood flow in the brain for people with generalized social anxiety disorder. It found that compared to a placebo, when CBD was taken, it reduced the stress for those people.

In another study carried out in 2011 looked at a group of 24 people – some with social anxiety disorder and some as a healthy control. The study, which was carried out by Brazilian scientists, gave some of the CBD and some a placebo before being given a public speaking task. By measuring their blood pressure, heart rate, and skin conductance, the researchers were about to compare the differences. They found that the group who had been given CBD showed signs of less anxiety, discomfort, cognitive impairment – all signs of stress – than the placebo group. Shop now at and buy CBD oils to get rid of stress and anxiety.

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