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Hair growth is becoming more and more complicated for both boys and girl due to many reasons, and it can be a big problem by time. Or going through a stressful period. If the growth rate is very low then the life becomes colorless because hairs are not looking ads good as they should be. And this is something that no one wants in their life. That’s why Medadvisors brings you the solution for slow hair growth.

But before heading towards the solutions we need to find the problems.

1) Stress and illness:-

This is the most common and a very bad thing in our life. Almost everyone is covered by illness and our daily life’s stress. It becomes the normal life challenges to deal with. And due to stress our body changes itself in many ways which directly affect the hairs, which leads to the hair loss and slow hair re-growth.

2) Hormonal imbalance:-

Hormonal imbalance is something that can make our life as bad as hell. Hormones play a high-quality role in life, due to hormones, our body grows and just like our body, hair growth also depends on our hormones. If we have rich and healthy hormones then our hairs become shiny, long and grow fast.

3) Excess styling:-

Everyone loves their hairs, because they make us look great. We style them daily to look great, but excessive use of anything is very bad for everyone, and just like that excessive hair styling also damages the hair and affects its growth. Gel, hair cream, comb, and excessive shampoo and oil, all of these things damage your hair on daily bases, so it very important to use very carefully.

4) Poor Diet:-

Food is something which is the basic need for an every living organism. But a high quality and nutrition rich food is the most important thing for our body. In everyday life we so much of food which is full of oil, sugar, and fat. Junk food is destroying our healthy food desire, that’s the reason our body is unable to create a proper amount of nutrition, protein, and other major products to nourish our body. And this thing directly affects our body and our hairs. Due to lack of protein, our hairs become very weak and break very easily, resulting to the fewer amounts of hairs with low growth rate.



With the help of meditation, cheese breathing, and much other stuff, we can get rid of stress and illness. If we give only 15 minutes in a day to our health and meditation, then it can destroy the stress and make us and our hairs healthy.

Healthy diet:-

The hairs are mainly made up of protein that can also be known as keratin. Keratin plays a huge role in our body. Because our skin and nails also contain it. So having protein in our diet is very important. We all can eat so many things that contain protein. Like eggs, tofu, yogurt, cheese, fishes, peanut butter, and many other things. Also not just protein, our body needs more than that, we need carbohydrates, fat, nutrition, and a good digestive system. So eat healthy and natural food.

Hair transplant:-

Yes hair transplant is also a good procedure to make your hairs come back. If the hair loss had already made you bald and makes you feel like you crossed 60 years in your life, then I am sure you need a good hair transplant service.

For that Medadvisors shines on top. You should also come to us for any kind of hair problems, because provides you the best hair transplant service in Delhi NCR.


Medadvisors gives experienced hair transplant medical procedure in Delhi NCR. You can hope to get good looking outcomes that are essentially imperceptible. We are devoted to ensuring your eyebrows are united accurately to the best possible edge. Every hair is precisely set each one in turn utilizing complete accuracy. You can contact Medadvisors.

Not just hair loss transplant, we also provide services in

                    Beard transplant

                    Body hair transplant

                    Beard and mustache

                    MESO Therapy

                    FUE transplant

                    PRP Transplant

                    eyebrow transplant

So just come to Medadvisors and get all the solutions for your hair loss treatment.

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