Carbide Dies For Automotive Industry.

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst

In the recent years, there is a growth witnessed after a long time of recession in the automotive industry. Many instances tell us that the industry is still on its path of growth. Various automotive companies have stated openly their success in gaining optimum profits in the recent years. This success is attained on the global front and it is predicted that the automotive industry will grow more at a faster pace in the years to come. Investors have opened up new plants and refurbished the existing facilities. The reason behind the steady growth of this industry is the evolvement of new and more advanced technology and tools. The production in the domain of roll forming, metal stamping, and carbide dies have increased the demand for automotive equipment in the recent times. In the domain of dies, the automotive industry has taken many advantages. The formation of nuts and bolts is also done by using these dies. Let’s gain more information about the main types of carbide dies for automotive industry by reading ahead!

Major Carbide Dies Types
Amongst other dies, there are only four major types of carbide dies that is beneficial for the automotive industry. These four carbide dies types are mentioned below:

·    Carbide Drawing Dies: The main usage of the carbide drawing dies is the shaping of tube, rod, wire, and bar. The commonly used materials are aluminum, steel, and copper. These are usually used in the drawing procedure. And the material that is drawn includes stainless steel, carbon steel, and mild steel. Apart from the strong materials, the softer materials can also be drawn such as copper alloys and aluminum.

·    Cold Forming Dies: These dies are used for cold forming. The cold metal slug is kept inside the dye and this metal is hit with a strong strike. This procedure of forcing the metal helps in achieving the desired shape. Moreover, the yield strength of the metal is also increased by this method. The cold forming dies are mainly used for various applications like bolts, screws, and other fasteners.

·    Extrusion Dies: In order to form the cross section area, the extrusion dies are used for pushing the slug in the desired direction. If you are using these dies for pipes, tubing, or any such application, then a mandrel must be used. The procedure of extrusion can be performed at various temperatures on different types of dies. And, the resulting material after using the extrusion dies are copper, aluminum, steel, nickel, plastic, tin, and lead.

·    Carbide Shaving Dies: When the drawing process is in process, there are certain surface defects. To rectify these defects, the carbide shaving dies are used. The process can be applied to different types of alloys like steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. Moreover, it is used in the process of rotary swaging.

Apart from the dies that are mentioned above, there are several other types of carbide dies available in the market. However, the aforementioned ones are major ones and can be found anywhere in the market. All you need to do is search for a trustworthy manufacturer of the carbide dies for automotive industry.

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