Can Garcinia supplements help with your diet?

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A lot of people struggle with their diet and losing weight. Doing diets in succession is clearly not fun. Many methods make you eat too little, it creates food cravings and leads to hunger. This frustrating deprivation often causes people to give up and gain weight. This is why conventional diets have an appalling long-term success rate. Very few people manage to stabilize their weight in the long run.


That's why many people frustrated with so many diet failures are turning to miracle solutions such as supplements containing Garcinia extracts. One of those dietary supplements that have been a big help is Maxfit Garcinia.

 Some background on GarciniaCambogia


Before detailing the strengths and side effects of this type of product, remember that GarciniaCambogia is a plant that thrives in moist forests, whose fruit bark is used in some traditional Asian medicines. Do not confuse this small tree (of the family Clusiaceae) with the species "Garcinia hanburyi" or with the mangosteen (his cousin more popular).


This tropical fruit of green or purple or yellowish colour is cultivated mainly in India and South-East Asia (especially in Indonesia) but also in Central Africa, is delicious and healthy. Once ripe, it often turns red, and the size of an orange even if it has the shape of a small pumpkin.


Wonderful benefits


The bark of the fruit is full of HCA. This add works as a preservative in many Asian dishes. And this good acid also adds flavouring agent (to induce the expulsion of intestinal gases and stomach ).


Traditional Indian medicine has been using this plant for centuries in order to relieve rheumatism (with a form of precocity), facilitate intestinal transit, fight intestinal worms and parasites, treat enema, dispel menstrual delays, and resolve constipation.


Some experts think that this fruit can limit the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides absorbed by your body, but here too, the evidence is lacking. So if you take supplements such as MaxfitGarcinia, you can effectively lower the levels of cholesterol that are in your body.


Several studies in laboratory animals suggest that Garcinia may inhibit fat storage and help control appetite and fight cravings (by increasing the amount of serotonin in the body, because a lack of serotonin can make eating emotions).


No long-term negative side effect


There has been a lot of studies conducted in the toxicity and safety of Garcinia Cambogia extracts. And all of them have found that there is virtually no negative side effect to using this kind of product to your health. In fact, many people in Asia have been consuming Garcinia Cambogia fruits for centuries, without any negative impact on their health at all.


So, to put it simply, there would be no risk of consuming garcinia cambogia as a fruit or tonic, except in people allergic (very rare case) to this plant (including the hydrocitric acid contained in its fruit which is very similar to the acid present in citrus fruits), and as long as the portions consumed remain moderate.

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