Can Cyclists Have A Strong Upper Body, Too?

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Cyclists know they need to have good, strong legs. What else could they need? There are all those hours in the saddle, and surely when you have to go uphill for hours and hours wouldn’t it make sense to carry as little top end weight as possible?

That logic is flawed, as you knew it would be. Cyclists are all over fit. They can and should have upper body strength to work with powerful thighs and calves.

Upper body strength control position on the bike

Personal training for distance cycling NYC can show you how upper body strength can help develop a better position on the bike, and if you’re going to ride it for five hours a day or more you need strength.

Your thoracic cage, your spine and neck all need to be aligned properly for you to have a balanced, relaxed position on the bike. This is the only way you will be comfortable for hours on end. You know almost immediately when your neck is out of alignment, and before long it is going to be torture.

Upper body strength helps the legs just power away

Two things are happening when you’re on a bike; you are propelling it forward and you are keeping your body on the bike. When your upper body is not able to support itself, some of the leg energy is translated into supporting your torso.

As Yorktown personal trainers will tell you, this is wasting energy –all of your leg energy should go into propelling the bike.

When your upper body supports itself, when your spine does its job and the arm and neck muscles are strong, then you don’t need to use leg energy for support. It all goes into propulsion.

A strong torso translates the heart work properly

Just as important as your legs is how your heart works especially over a long ride. When your thoracic cage is developed and wide your heart has the time and space to provide oxygenated blood throughout the body. Getting oxygen to the legs is essential to keep them from feeling tired and weary.

Check out the riders next time you see them

You can look for proof that cyclists can and should have a strong upper body the next time a group cycles by. Check out the riders who look relaxed and have the energy. Then check out their biceps. Chances are the ones with the better bike posture are the ones who are ripped.

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