Can Custom Shirts Really Help My Business Or Cause?

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

So, you’re wondering if a plain tshirt in Singapore will be less effective than a custom shirt? The answer to this is yes, but before you go looking into cool t shirts Singapore, let’s talk about why custom shirts are so effective, and the different ways they can be utilized. We also take a moment to talk about the fact that there is more than one way to “print” a shirt as well. There are actually three standard practices for it, believe it or not. They each have their merits, and it just depends on how much you want to spend and the quality of shirt you want to produce, as well as what kind of graphics you want to put on there.

First, let’s talk about human psychology in brief. We are very beholden to our senses, and one of our strongest senses is sight. This is why logos, artwork and creative lettering are so powerful in creating brand recognition and brand identity. We recognize Coca-Cola or Pepsi instantly, just by their logos alone. Whenever we are encountered by people, we make an immediate impression based on the clothing we wear as well. It doesn’t matter whether or not this a true first impression, just meeting someone, or if it’s someone we see every day. So, combining this immediate impression clothing causes along with our very visual-centric sensory system means that a well-made T-shirt with good graphics, those graphics being designed to be simple but yet recognizable, can be incredibly powerful.

Now, let’s talk about the three basic ways in which a shirt can be printed. The most common way, often called silkscreening, is actually done digitally these days. The process is actually sublimation, wherein special inks and papers are used to print the graphics out in a high-resolution, and then a press iron heats the ink, causing it to bond to the fabric of the shirt. Theoretically, if your printer can create the resolution, you have unlimited graphical capability with this, as long as you don’t want reflective or holographic coloring. The downside of silkscreening/sublimation is that it does fade with time and washing, and some people associated with cheaper shirts simply due to a combination of cheaper base garments along with a cheaper base method, which is actually unfair.

Second is a process in which rubber logos are bonded to the shirt with the. This usually uses vector graphics and a cutting rig, rather than being printed. These have a rather unique look, but have a tendency to fall apart in hot water, and do tend to be somewhat fragile.

Finally, there is embroidering. This utilizes cut pieces of fabric which are stitched onto the shirt. This is usually very durable, and considered somewhat “classy”, but does actually impose some significant limits on ranges of color and complexity of graphics unless you wanted to get very expensive.

So, a plain tshirt in Singapore is definitely less effective than a custom, printed shirt. Before you search for cool t shirts Singapore, just to decide exactly what type of shirts you want, and what their purpose is. Are they prizes for attendees, or are they for your staff?

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