Can Chatbots Really Help Your Business In Increasing Sales

by Evelyn Wilson App Marketing Head at Moon Invoice

The era of automation and bots is here. Companies that provide excellent customer service understand the importance of bots more than anyone else. These organizations rely on smart chatbots to increase sales. However, this profound benefit of chatbots doesn’t remain limited to large companies only. Small businesses can also use them effectively. Here you will learn why and how chatbots can boost sales of a business organization.

Chatbots started their journey as a fairly unknown niche concept in technology. Now, it’s nothing short of a profound necessity for mainstream business companies. Business folks gave them the tag of “conversational agents.” The chatbots of today are smarter, more responsive, and exceptionally useful. Chatbots managed to position themselves in a region between the organic and synthetic. They offer a glimpse of how humans are building machines in a way to replace humans at workplaces in the future. Indeed, chatbots are unique enough to outrun humans in specific tasks. However, it’s also possible to use them to augment the services that business owners offer their clients. Since business people use chatbots as a direct communication channel, the collaboration between bots and humans is quite easy to achieve.

Chatbots are an integral part of the communication processes of today. They can streamline interactions between people and services. They can enhance the customer experience significantly. According to a study, chatbots will power over 85% of all customer service-related tasks by 2020. Companies all over the world now realize the potential of chatbots when it’s about improving customer engagement and operational efficiency. After all, it can reduce the typical expenses associated with providing customer service. Experts also predict that chatbots will be responsible for saving $8 billion every year by 2022. Back in 2017, chatbots were proficient enough to save $20 million.

Perfect for any brand

Some of the biggest brands in India, according to the creators of a popular small business billing app, are already implementing chatbots. These businesses include e-commerce firms, banks, travel agencies, insurance organizations, entertainment and media industries, etc. Experimentation plays a vital role in such businesses that expect to provide an enhanced customer experience. Businesses, both small and large, can also use chatbots to increase revenue and build brand awareness. These companies just have to add a personalized touch to their chatbots using Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots assist customers almost instantly, and this feature allows them to cater to the modern-day customer’s urgency. When you add a chatbot to your website, it shows that you take customer service seriously.

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The designers of an invoice app for small businesses say that keeping the conversation topics perfectly relevant to the purpose served by a chatbot is mandatory while conceptualizing the scripts. The creators of chatbots need to be able to interpret the answers of a user to frame scripts for a conversational interface. The designer also has to pay attention to close-ended conversations that bring about a natural flow of communication.

Chatbots revolutionized customer experience

It took time, but business owners now realize and acknowledge the importance of personalization. A crucial aspect of any business these days is about implementing tools that can accumulate user data and offer personalized services. It’s precisely what the modern-day users are looking for. Fortunately, when it comes to chatbots, you won’t have to increase your budget. The ones that receive power from Artificial Intelligence and automation are superb for attracting clients and holding their attention. Due to the advances in big data analytics and tracking the past purchasing behaviors of clients, chatbots make the task of providing unmatched customer experience easier than before. The makers of a renowned Billing Application for Small Business say that such a level of personalization was previously unattainable. It also adds intrinsic value to customers who start trusting the recommendations of chatbots based on their interactions with it. If you look at it from an organizational point of view, you realize that it advances a company’s marketing and sales targeting. After all, they can nudge customers to try different products that are complementary or related to primary transactions. The feature that allows a chatbot to assist a customer immediately is its greatest and the most powerful asset.

Perfect for your business

Since more companies are integrating chatbots, business companies are witnessing how this technological marvel revolutionized the experience of customers. The designers of a small business billing app say that having a chatbot means having a point of contact that attracts the interest of potential clients and pushes them towards the sales funnel. You can also program the chatbot to track the patterns of your client’s purchases, address them by their names, and also look at previous interactions and purchase history to make sure that they pitch a personalized upselling offer. Upon creating scripts that encourage a customer to buy more, chatbots will do the work of marketers by taking over the task of upselling. If you can use them smartly, chatbots can increase your revenue significantly by encouraging clients to try various packages. Besides leads, sales, and conversions, chatbots play a crucial role in providing customer support while nurturing a potential buyer through the sales journey.

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Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Looking at technology’s progress rate, one can safely say that chatbots can end up becoming the first point of contact between consumers and brands. Functionality increases every day and customers may soon start to depend on chatbots for everything. These include making purchases, confirming bookings of flights and hotels, or inquiring about brands and their services. When it becomes reality, the sphere of search marketing will further revolutionize and users will spend a lot of time engaging with chatbots. The designers of an invoice app for small business even went as far as to say that chatbots have the power to oust search engines. Smart speakers with Artificial Intelligence-powered assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are already adding voice-based functionality. When they combine with the capabilities of chatbots, possibilities will increase beyond imagination.

To conclude

Bot-powered social media systems are the future for all modern-day businesses. Research conducted by the makers of a Billing Application for Small Business concludes that more than one-third of consumers already prefer social media compared to telephone calls or customer support systems. Every person out there expects real-time responses. In that respect, chatbots brought about massive changes to allow businesses to thrive and expand via customer interactions.

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