Can astrology offer practical solutions in the case of legal complications?

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A few of us would have visited the court corridors for civil cases or family-related feuds.  It is a matter of life and death for those who end up in the court corridors despite having a clean record.  Having reputation at stake, being suspected of a crime that they did not commit, having to face spectators' questioning and prying eyes from all possible directions. Outside of the court, these people may be subjected to deep trauma due to people treating them as if they were fit to be sent to the gallows. While this is the predicament of an innocent person, the hardened criminal would treat it as a matter of justifiable isolation for a few days before he bails out by some hook or crook tactic.  Astrology effectively answers the question as to why these queer incidents happen in the lives of people unexpectedly. The science of Astrology can insightfully offer plausible solutions.  The houses and planets in horoscope influence the judge's verdict.  Houses and planets work from parallel directions towards the same goal, to indict or acquit.  Yes.  Astrology can offer practical solutions in the case of legal complications.

Which houses in the birth chart have a say in legal matters?

Certain houses are earmarked in astrology to analyze court cases or legal implications.  Here is a panoramic view of these zodiacal signs representing court-related proceedings in a natal chart

The 1st house talks wholly about you as a person, the client in litigation and the main person in the picture.

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The 6th house, its lord, primarily makes things legally complicated for a person.  If the 6th House of the Lord receives the aspect of and relates to the ascendant or ascendant lord, they are sure to entangle you in legal cases.    The 6th house and its lord indicate court cases, legal disputes, quarrels with others, loss or theft, etc.  6th house impacts the nature and duration of the case, whether long-standing or short-term or painstaking or smooth.  If Saturn happens to be associated with the 6th house and its lord, it foretells a long-drawn legal battle that goes on for years or months on end.  Complications might creep up due to a lack of evidence on the native's part, and they may continue for years to come.  The impact of other planets is as per their significance and their role in this matter.

The 7th house, as it is, strongly points at rivalry and negotiations with the rivals in general, which could take a legal turn any time.

The 8th house forebodes impediments to legal resolution of conflict and may lead to undesirable consequences such as punishment etc.

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Upon studying the 12th house, you can learn about the nature of the punishment and the imprisonment/penalty.  In the following instance, it would not be wise to continue with the litigation if Lagna Lord is found to be weak, debilitated, or in a malefic house such as 6th, 8th, and 12th house, as this could lead to a life sentence or some verdict like this in effect and consequence.  For instance, if the ascendant lord is in a weak position, placed in inimical houses, and afflicted, this may surely land the native in jail or make him pay a heavy penalty in the case of an ongoing legal issue.  These houses in the birth chart have a say in all legal matters.

Can astrology help us win the legal proceedings?

People get knowingly or unknowingly embroiled in legal predicaments through various ways and means, as indicated above.  Can astrology help get a clean chit for a native who is in a legal entanglement?  Yes.  It can, indeed.  An adept astrologer would point at a solution after carefully examining the houses and the crucial aspects.

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Last-minute victory is assured for a native whose 11th house is beneficial and strongly fortified, or if it relates to its lord, that signifies a court case.  A well-aspected and well-signified 11th house play a massive role in saving a person's case to a great extent.  Surely astrology helps us win the legal proceedings

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