Can Acupuncture Help in Curing Allergic Problems?

by Dr. Attilio D'Alberto Acupuncture & Fertility Expert in London

Traditional Chinese Medication can well be an essential therapy to treat allergies. It may not be your very own regular medical treatment process but the end results have proven to be highly effective in treating allergies. Acupuncture has proved to be effective in curing patients suffering from itchy eyes and extreme sneezing conditions.  A lot of patients have opted for antihistamines to achieve the best of relief when suffering from seasonal allergies. However, the medications have some side effects to deal with. On the other hand, the Acu-treatment has proved to offer minimal side effects. Tiny needles are being inserted under the skin at specific points in the body to stimulate the muscles and provide the best of relief while reducing certain symptoms.  


Allergic conditions like sneezing, watery itchy eyes, running nose, and headache problems can take place during a certain time of the year. Although you can opt for allergy shots, there are side effects that cannot be ignored. Rather, TCM therapy treatment has proved to be extremely effective in dealing with allergic conditions. Western medicine basically views seasonal based allergies as a type of immediate hypersensitivity reaction that primarily occurs when the antibodies being produced by lymphocytes start interacting with pollen and other airborne particles. Acupuncture treatment for allergies has proven to be highly beneficial. The treatment primarily utilizes the stomach, spleen, and large intestines to a greater extent.  


However, you need to approach a reputed acupuncture London clinic to get the treatment done. It is the most crucial part of the process. A reputed acupuncturist will first diagnose your situation and then accordingly, will consider the best treatment options that would benefit you the most. It is the most important part of the process. Also, there is a crucial role being played by the diet. A proper diet plan will be created exclusively for you. It is of crucial importance that you follow this diet plan for the recommended period.


Treating allergic symptoms can be done through different alternative treatment procedures. The only thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are confident in the treatment process or not. That’s the major part of the story. It is necessary to make sure that the process you choose comes with no side effects. Acutreatment process is considered to be extremely effective, but then, there are also different types involved. Moxibustion treatment is a form that can be used in treating headache and sinus problems. Then, there is also cupping therapy treatment that would ensure curing painful areas of the body. But make sure you consider the process carefully before going for it. Make sure that the physician being asked for the part, is a reliable one to provide you the best of benefits and end results. All these are essential factors to keep in mind.


Acupuncture is a great way to heal ailments. But then, you need to figure out a reputed acupuncturist and also be clear with your medical history before undergoing the treatment. Also, a single session will never be able to produce the best of benefits. Multiple sessions will be required for the part.

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