Can A Lawyer Help In Divorce Mediation?

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Mediating a divorce is ideal for a couple who seems to have less conflict when deciding about their divorce issues. Nowadays, most of the divorcing couple chooses to go through a mediating process. As such, the need to have a lawyer offer legal advice has likewise increased.

 If you are contemplating divorce and it seems you have less conflict, you can choose to mediate your divorce. The process is much cheaper and quicker. With a legal counsel, you may have your legal rights protected.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer In Mediation?

 You may have come up with an agreement on carrying out duties such as child visitation or how to split assets during or after divorce. But what makes you rest assured that your rights have been protected? Getting a divorce lawyer in Toronto can help you understand what exactly you need. Thus, a good lawyer can help you:

  • You can get specific answers tailored to your situation: A legal adviser is needed when you have unique questions that you need to be answered legally.
  • Analyze your agreements: The mediator will work to find a mutual agreement on your issues but will not provide legal advice. Also, a mediator cannot make decisions for you, but with a legal adviser, you can legally control your situation.
  • You will know your legal rights: During mediation, your lawyer will advise you on the agreements you have laid down and help you understand whether they are binding to protect your legal rights.
  • Help you prepare court documents: If your divorce is to be finalized in court, you need to give out the right documents. 
  • Have an idea of the cost of your legal process: If your case proceeds to court, your lawyer can give an estimate of the legal costs you may incur.

If divorce mediation can work for you, it's a process worth trying. But if you need legal decisions about support or any other issue, it would be a good idea to have a divorce lawyer in Toronto offer guidance.

At What Point Do I Get A Lawyer?

 If you want to mediate your divorce, you may wonder when would be the right time to involve a family lawyer in Brampton. The best time to engage a lawyer would be soon as you start your mediation process. Waiting too long to hire a lawyer after you have done with your mediation process may not be a good decision. You may have assumed many legal rights, which could make it too hard to redo the agreements.

 Starting up the process with a lawyer helps you figure out what is needed and the right information to be included in your agreement. Also, during your divorce mediation process, you can consult your lawyer as many times as possible.  In any case, you will need to have some contacts with a court to ensure your divorce is legally binding. Having a family lawyer in Brampton makes you keep the process simple and manageable. Meaning, you may not need a contentious court hearing that will consume your time. The latter happens if you never followed the right procedure when coming up with the agreements or other vital legal issues.

 How Much Will It Cost To Mediate A Divorce With A Lawyer?

The cost of mediation is different from litigation. But in mediation, there is no need to hire a separate lawyer. Thus, you can lower your overall cost by having low cost mediation services and getting legal advice. Again, your mediation cost will vary depending on either having a professional mediator or having a free mediation service. But you can also convince your ex-spouse to participate equally in the process and pay a share.

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