Buying Guide For Best Gaming Laptops

by Smarty Warner seo expert

Today I’ll be talking about the best gaming laptops that you must think about if you’re in a plan to purchase one. This article will specifically be on gaming laptops that you will find on Amazon Black Friday 2019. So, this isn’t super comprehensive and I’m just going to talk about something important when it comes to the decision process for purchasing a laptop for gaming.

If you want ultra-light, portable and really good performance then there exist some really thin 1080 Max-Q laptops out there but they’re really expensive. So you got to decide pretty early on in your process of how much money you want to spend. Its because you would get huge numbers of deals and discounts during Amazon Black Friday and chances of confusion and missing out the deals are too high.

Cheaper laptops tend to be a little bit thicker and heavier and they usually have more plastic material, which isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not a premium feeling or premium looking. But when it comes to the thickness of a laptop, sometimes thicker laptops can have the advantage, because when you have a big laptop you have bigger heat pipes, fans, just everything can be a little bit bigger. And those things tend to do a better job of removing heat from a system. So let’s take a look at some examples.

Alienware 17 is relatively thick and it is a 17-inch gaming laptop. It’s quite a bit thicker than the Razer Blade Pro. When Razer Blade Pro was first launched it had a GTX 1080 in it. It's quite a hot GPU and one of the issues this thing had was keeping with the thermal output. When this thing comes out of the factory it turned just right. Everything is running fine so the temperatures are acceptable. But the thing is the moment this thing has any kind of dust build-up or if you want to play with this on your blanket or your lap and you are covering up the vents on the bottom, the thermal rise and it just doesn’t do as well.

The GTX 1080 on the Alienware, still produces a lot of heat and this laptop is thick. Alienware has just a lot more thermal headroom. This thing comes out of the factory running fine as well but because there’s more room in there, there’s more tolerance for the dust to build up and stuff like that. So, a device like this because it’s thicker, it isn’t as elegant looking but it will get you further along when it comes to dust building up. You definitely need to take care of a Razer Blade Pro or any thin and light gaming laptops.

Let’s talk about the build quality. There is more emphasis from brands to build things that are thinner and lighter because that’s just what people seem to want right now but there is still a really good market for bigger laptops. The more durable they tend to last longer and quite frankly thin and light gaming laptops aren’t for everyone. You need to take better care of them. I won’t talk about ports too much.

I just want to mention a couple of things – Thunderbolt 3 support is cool on paper, especially if you’re into the whole idea of external GPUs but in reality, they are really expensive to set up. So, it’s not something that I think you should go for it if the device that you are looking doesn’t have thunderbolt 3 support.

The another thing is if you’re purchasing a device, make sure that the exhaust of the fans isn’t on the mouse hand. I’ve used some laptops that the fan exhaust is right beside your mouse hand and your hands get excessive heat while you play and it’s no good.

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